Disputing items that ARE yours, and what about duplicates?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JessG10, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I've really been trying to clean up my husband and my credit for a few months now. Through the process, I could only bring myself to dispute 1 item on my report, because I truly believed it wasn't mine. I see on this website and others that people say to dispute any negative item, even if you KNOW it's yours..then on other websites it says the complete opposite and not to dispute things you know are yours because you can get in alot of trouble. I really want to dispute some things on my report so I guess I'm wondering exactly what kind of trouble? I bought a book that basically said to dispute all negative items, if some come back verified, dispute again for a different reason, and if they come back verified again, start asking for things from the CA such as if they are out of state, if they have a licence to be collecting form your state, etc. This is the approach I planned on taking until I read that you could get in real trouble for disputing an item that IS yours... also, one more question- I know if there are duplicate accounts (one from OC and one from CA) that if they're both reporting a balance the OC still owns it. But on my Capitol one it says "charged off, SOLD to another agency" but they're still reporting a balance.... 2 other old CCs are still reporting balances as well, different from CA.. how would I go about disputing these duplicates? With the OC or CA or not at all?? Thank you all in advance!! This website has been a real godsend through this process!!
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    There are a lot of reasons to dispute an account over, even if it's yours. You can dispute the balance, the late payment history, etc. Anything reported by a CRA must be 100% accurate. If the account IS yours, don't dispute the ownership. If they can't or don't verify the accuracy of their entry, the entry is deleted.

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