Disputing the reported credit

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Aug 22, 2000.

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    There is an increasing number of credit issuers who fail to report one's credit limit (or "high credit") to the bureaus.

    Is there any sense in disputing the accuracy of reported credit limit with the bureaus?

    The intuitive answer is NO, becuase even if corrected, the creditor will keep reporting the lower limit each month. If that happens, even a successful result would only last up to 30-60 days, until the next time the creditor updates your entry.

    Any thoughts/ ideas are welcome.

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    RE: Disputing the reported cre

    I have the same problem with Citibank...

    They show my limit as ZERO (Joint account, my fiance is the primary) and my balance as accurate.

    Problem is that I use it for work to travel and the card is often at around $10,000.

    It screws up my debt to available credit ratio because it looks like the card is not just maxed, but overcharged by a LOT.

    The purpose of using this card is to rebuild my credit. I suppose that it will help once it is closed because it will show a positive payment history... but for now it's a liability.

    What are we to do?
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    RE: Disputing the reported cre

    How about asking the creditor to report your limit accurately?

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