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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Shelby, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. Shelby

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    Those of you that have read my recent post know that I am trying to buy a house and considering one on a lease purchase plan so that I can work on my credit while leasing and then hopefully be able to qualify for a mortgage with a decent rate at the end of the lease. I would need to have this done by Jan.2002 so I am on a definite time line here. My question is this.....I have hired Junum to work on the negatives but was thinking about doing some disputing on my own too....just to speed things up...but do you think this would raise a red flag with the CRAs? Do you think it would speed things up or not? I would try to find out from Junum what they have disputed and dispute other things. And also would Junum be able to differentiate between what they deleted and what I deleted so that I am not charged for what I do myself. Any thoughts?
  2. mother2

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    Yes, I think you should just let Junum do their job. I'm wanting to buy a house also, so I know how you feel. I'm dying slowly over here...waiting for my first round from Junum. I'll probably miss all the low interest rates.

    Don't raise any flags by disputing in additon to Junum's disputes. Just hold on.....(easier said than done I KNOW) ;o)
  3. Shantel

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    Having multiple disputes coming from you, even regarding different things, could raise a red flag with the CRAs.

    Junum has been very quick for me. You should be complete with 3 rounds of disputes by the end of the year at the most.

    It would take about that long if you just did it yourself.

    In any case, when I started with Junum, I was working on 2 disputes and I told them that I had already disputed them and to not do so until they heard from me. I got the two things deleted. So when I sent in my updated reports, I included a letter stating that I disputed them on my own and to NOT charge me for them.
  4. MistyEyed

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    I had 3 items in dispute when I sent in my reports to them. They basically said they wouldnt dispute those items until i let them know it was OK. So I was instructed to just put a notation that it was from me when I send in my next reports.

    I would not however suggest doing it at the same time, because you dont know what Junum is disputing. So if you and Junum both dispute the same item and it comes off, then the credit more than likely goes to Junum.

  5. Mirage

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    I began to re-dispute by myself on Experian and Equifax. I did a minor dispute last year on Equifax and Transunion and managed to have a few things deleted.

    My strategy is to finish this round and let Junum take over. My TU has 4 dergos left.

    I would not start anything if you are in the mist of using Junum. Let Jumum do their job. I know the waiting is a killer, as I am still on hold with Equifax (est. date 4/23).
    Still no ackknowledgement from Experian .

    Best regards,

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