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    I s there anyone who has written a letter to Direct Merchants Bank through Planetfeedback that actually got a response? I sent a letter last week. I heard nothing and then sent a follow up letter. Still nothing. Not even an acknowledgment that they received the email. I closed an account with them early in April. I had a $120 credit. They told me it was mailed on the 23rd of April. When I didn't get it I called again and was told it was mailed out on April 30th. Well, I still haven't received it. In my 2nd letter I threatened them to file a complaint with the FTC, my state Attorney Generel, the BBB, and whoever else I thought of at that time. And still no response. What is the matter with this bank?
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    I FINALLY got a response from them via the mail after about 3 weeks. There is a thread on here somewhere about Traci Holland, their PR person...
    You might want to do a search and read it, as it states the problems faced by former customers like me with this person, and her responses.

    Good luck
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    Small world...
    I wrote PF regarding DMB too. I got a letter from Traci Holland with the usual B.S. lies. I ended up getting $58.00 in fees removed from my account.
    Although some may have had success with them, I can't say it loud enough, "DMB SUCKS." They recently settled a class action lawsuit. I wonder if I will get anything.... I won't hold my breath.

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