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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeB, Mar 6, 2001.

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    Get this. I was late on a payment to Direct Merchants Bank (they disabled my access to my web account), and the late charge caused my account to go over the limit. They then hit me with the OTL charge on 2/23/01. I sent in a payment and find out that they added another 29.00 OTL charge. I called DMB and they tell me that if I am over my limit at the beginning of a new billing cycle, that they can add another OTL charge. What the %#Q!. I can get 2 OTL charges in one weeks time? Is this crap legal?
    BTW, I closed my account precisely because of this crap from them. They sent my a letter yesterday saying they would settle my account for 70% of my balance and put "settled for less than full amount" on my credit reports. Isn't that as bad as a paid chargeoff?
    I sent a letter to the BBB a few months ago, and a rep of DMB responded back to me and the BBB with a bunch of lies. I replied back to the BBB and never heard back. Who else can I complain to? FTC? I know there is already a class action lawsuit against them, therefore I probably shouldn't settle my account with them yet. Stay away from DMB.

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    I heard a lot of horrible things about DMB and I closed my Exxon MasterCard two years ago when they sold it to DMB.

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