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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PC509, Dec 11, 2000.

  1. PC509

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    Does Sprint, AT&T, Verizon report to the CRA's? Would this look good on my report? I do have to put a deposit on it, but my wife wants one, and if they do report, double cool!!
    I saw this posted before, but the search engine doesn't seem to be working...
    Thanks for any help!!

  2. roni

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    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    Good question. Sprint does not report to any credit bureaus. I have Sprint. Ugh. However AT&T does report to the credit bureaus, according to our fellow creditnet posters. Verizon? I dont know. Hope this helps.

  3. Kelly

    Kelly Well-Known Member

    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    Hi, I used to sell Sprint and Verizon. Sprint Does not report. Verizon Does and quickly at that. BTW You can do instant credit at Verizon. They put a $250 hold on your Visa or Mastercard for a few days (whatever your bank puts holds on for normal charges). But, you can only do instant credit if you haven't had them try a normal (credit check) app and was determined you need a deposit. I think if they do normal credit check requiring deposit, you could come back in 90 days and do instant.

    Anyway, Just some info for ya,

  4. dave

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    RE: Kelly- Just curious

    Hey, Kelly.

    How do the credit standards fair for obtaining a cell phone from either Sprint or Verizon?
  5. mt

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    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    I have sprint and would like to have it reported. Does anyone know if I can do that? I thought I read somewhere that I can report information to my own credit report, but it might cost like $15 or so?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    Call SPRINT and ask them if they have a legitimate reason why they are not reporting your payment history on your credit reports.
  7. CR

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    RE: Cell phone reporting &amp

    Hi all,

    AT&T reports every month. It turned up right away on my Trans Union but not on the other two (wonder why?).

    To answer your question, I do know AT&T can grant you a service limit(I've seen $200 or $300. I have $300 and have NEVER come close to using that) if you don't meet their regular credit criteria without having to provide a credit card and there is no difference in service (you can roam, call long distance, etc). There service is great and after 6 months, they will review your account to possibly remove the service limit. Sprint wanted $500 deposit and Verizon put restrictions on my account (no roaming, etc). After nearly 3 years with them, they wouldn't budge on the restrictions, so I dropped them when AT&T offered much better service (bigger home calling area and more minutes). I can't say enough great things about AT&T wireless.

  8. Kelly

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    RE: Kelly- Just curious

    Hi Dave,

    This is just a guess. I worked for a large retail chain in which we offered both Sprint and Verizon. My husband still works for them. Sprint seemed more lenient to the credit challenged folks from what I heard from customers.
    Since, I worked in sales, I never knew why they were offered account spending limits (Sprint) or deposit (Verizon). Secondly, I almost always did instant credit with Verizon. It was quicker, and like I said b4 if they were denied standard credit they couldn't do instant credit.

    This is an ever changing market. Deals just keep getting better. Check them all out and keep updated. You can change your plans as needed.

    I had the employee plan with Sprint. I had and still have a regular plan with Verizon. They have put a soft inquiry on my report. However, it was when I was late with a payment, none since.

    Customer complaints almost always dealt with Sprint. I rarely had a complaint with Verizon. Usually it was just somebody not understanding their first bill or a fee was supposed to be waived. I'd make a call the fee was credited. They were so easy to deal with. And you can view your account/pay online with Verizon.

    Hope this helps some,
  9. dave

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    RE: Cell phone reporting &amp

    Well, I'd like to get either Sprint or Verizon, actually. I was thinking about Nextel, but their plans include too many minutes that I will end up wasting.

    I have great credit, but I still worry about every little new credit application. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I would be embarrassed if the rep came back and said that I would need to leave a $xxx deposit, or not be able to roam, or whatever. I just want to know what they look at credit wise. Someone in one of my college classes applied for Cell One, but they wanted a $250 deposit. He had lots of recent inquiries he said (10+ in 6 months) and fairly high balances on low limit cards. That probably was why.
  10. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Apply over the phone.

    If you buy your phone at best buy (can return it) , They give you a packet to apply over the phone which entails checking your credit etc.

    Its a lot less embarassing.

    My EXGF did this and they said her credit was fine, but they required her to come into the store to show proof of residency (DL,Phone bill).
  11. Kelly

    Kelly Well-Known Member

    RE: Apply over the phone.

    If you are talking about Sprint PCS, you can purchase the phone anywhere and have 30 days to return it. That's Sprints policy. They will not allow you to take it back at 31 days. BTW Sprints account spending limit is now $125. They dropped the big deposit. I only did credit checks when people wanted to pre-qualify b4 they bought the phone, or if one wanted to activate the phone while in the store. Otherwise you could take it home and call yourself.

  12. J. Edgar

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    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    I've had a Bell Atlantic/Verizon phone for several years and it's not reported on any of the Big 3 CRAs for me. I've never paid late, so perhaps that might have something to do with it.
  13. Kelly

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    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    I don't think it had anything to do with my being late (i was only a few days late) It doesn't say anything negative on my report. They've been reporting it since day one. I was meaning the reason for my soft inquiry might have been cuz I was late.

    But the path of buy-out merger might have something to do with it. The path where I live goes Cellular One - Airtouch - Verizon. I bought my latest phone just as Verizon started. My previous phone is an add-on to my mother's phone, I'm not sure if hers is being reported.
  14. me2

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    RE: Cell phone reporting &amp Verizon and do it over the phone. I just did it two/three days ago. They do check your credit, but if you're worried just a bit, it's worth it to not have face-to-face contact. My credit is fine, have some large balances on a couple cards and a few inquiries (new checking account, new job (yes, employers are now checking your credit), a couple new cards, etc) and I had no problem whatsoever. They fed-exed me the phone, which I got yesterday.
  15. average jo

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    RE: Do Cell phone companies re

    I do have a verizon account in ohio,and they do give me my credit where credit is due by reporting my positive payment history to my TU credit report.Also i get double the credit due by charging my bill to my discover card.So verizon is 1,and discover is 2.That is great for my credit history.

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