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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KHM, Oct 28, 2001.

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    I called EXP the other day telling them I want the way they 'verified' the info sent to my house. They told me they can't do that. BS. You know how they won't let you re-dispute online without proof, well when I was screaming at the woman I told her to check again. I also asked for her supervisor and I was put on hold for like 30 mins. Anyway, this was all on Friday, and after I hung with her I checked credit expert and it said Item being investigated, well I just checked this morning and it says this item was verified and updated on 10-2001. Then there is a statement saying 'consumer disputes'. I am sending a CRRR requesting the procedures done, I am sending it overnight. Do they have 15 days from the date THEY got the results or 15 days from the date they receive my mail? What else can I do to nail EXP?
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    15 Days to do what? If you start an investigation and later provide additional evidence to the credit reporting agency, it can exend the normal 30 days to 45 for the creditor to respond. Is that what you're talking about?

    ANYTIME, online- over the telephone- via the mail, Experian refuses to start an investigation, including if they cite "already investigated" as an excuse, they violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 611 Procedure in case of disputed accuracy/ (a) Reinvestigations of Disputed Information/ (1) REINVESTIGATION REQUIRED. Write or tell them if they don't investigate you are prepared to protect your rights as allowed via Section 616 Civil Liabilty for Willful noncompliance. Damages are allowed up to $1000 or actual and attorney's fees.

    That will get their attention.
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    They DID reinvestigate (supposedly) when i called and made a huge stink. I want them to provide me with the PROCEDURES they used to do this investigation. It took them ONE DAY to get the results?!?!? In the sample letter it says they have 15 DAYS to provide me with the PROCEDURES they used to REINVESTIGATE. Is it 15 days from when they get MY REQUEST FOR THE PROCEDURES or 15 days from the final results of the investigation?? THAT is what I was asking.
  4. roni

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    15 days from when they process your request... which is usually 2 days after they sign for it at the post office....

    Why not make them investigate it again. BTW, it easily could have been done in one day.... If the account is on the creditor's update tape, it could hit at the right time in the cycle or you could have raised enough of a stink that the EXP manager directly called the creditor and they verified over the telephone. I'm not saying it did, just that it could......

    Good luck!
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    Maybe they can't do that if they don't know how to write a letter or can't figure out how to get the US Postal Service to deliver their letter to you. Give them a break for heaven's sakes! They just ain't as smart as you are. (LOL)
    That must be a new policy they put in place. I never did re-dispute anything. I just tell them to take it off and that's the end of it. I've had them pull some funny-bunny stuff a time or two and then had to tell them a second time to take it off, but I've never re-disputed an item with any of the credit bureaus. No point in getting down and mudwrestling with the pigs.
    Scream at them? Why? That's a waste of breath. I've never called them I always figured that calling them would make about as much sense as calling up God and asking him how much a nickel was worth in heaven.
    Going from bad to worse, eh? Oh well, some people are into that self-punishment stuff. Talking to a supervisor at a credit bureau or a collection agency is about like whipping yourself with barbed wire. Feels so good when you quit.
    Got lucky, eh? Congratulations! I hear the main problem is finding the stupidvisor in the first place. I've heard that at TransUnion all the stupidvisors are out playing tiddlywinks with manhole covers and can't be bothered.
    That's got to be the problem. Just knew something had to be fishy.
    Well, you know about them experts. An ex is a has been and a pert is a little squirt of water. (LOL)
    That's about par for the course.
    Well, back when I first started disputing my own which was before I learned better than to mudwrestle with pigs, I used to make them take that snide comment off my records because I never disputed anything in the first place. Since I didn't dispute anything in the first place I had a right to demand they take it off and I always made them do it.

    They never argued about it either. But then I never left them with much of a viable choice. A choice, yes, but not a viable one for them. So they promptly deleted their dumb comment and sent me a new credit report proving they had done what I asked them to do. That used to be fun watching them turn tail and run.

    Now I can't do that because I want to be sure that the dispute notice is there and if it isn't, somebody is most definitely going to have to pay for that little boo-boo. Amazing how one day you think you got it all figured out and you sit there fat dumb and happy till you wake up and die right.

    Things change all the time as you learn new and better ways to do things. And things change all the time for other reasons too. Things that worked yesterday might backfire on you tomorrow. Then it's back to the drawing board again.

    They know full well what we are trying to do to them and why and they have people who work on trying to beat our methods. And that's why they send out letters trying to figure out if you are using a credit repair firm and trying to scare you if they think you are. It's also why they try to make the creditors and collection agencies and the public think things can't be removed. It's in their contract, doncha know.

    A contract like that don't hold much water when the collection agency and the creditor both are looking at either going against their contract with the credit bureau or going broke trying to defend themselves against horrendous damage awards caused by their own ignorance and stupidity.

    If it's 15 days they got then it's 15 days from the time they get your letter. However many days they have is always dated from the date they got the letter. That's why you send CRRR otherwise you don't know when the time starts. I know you already knew that, but some of the new comers to the board might not, so I put that in for them.
    Oh! It's Experian! Judging from your explanations about how stupid they were I just assumed it was TransUnion. OH well, ni modo. Can't think of much else you can do to nail them. But then, by now you should understand better why I never fiddle with the credit bureaus in the first place unless I'm trying to prove some point or other. Then I really don't care what they come up with. Either I proved something else on a collection agency or they got something right for a change. That's pretty rare though.
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    What's the third word in the original post? Not TU!
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    don't know:I just know they don't know that they are:

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