Do HIPPA val requests require sig?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by WranglerTJ, Sep 1, 2003.

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    How do I respond to this CA request:

    Your letter disputing this account was recieved and your complaint has been investigated, However, you have failed to sign your letter or provide any identifying information about yourself.

    At this time I have recieved a copy of the original financial agreement and ER documents signed by Donald W. Wrangler. I also have the date of birth,ssn. address, phone and place of employment for Donald W. Wrangler along with an itemized statement. The credit reporting was done by the SSN provided at the hospital.

    Due to federal regulations that CA must abide by, including the FDCPA, Privacy Act, and HIPPA, I cannot reveal someones personal information until I have identified with whom I am dealing. You will need to provide your signature and proof this is on your credit report in order for me to proceed. Your othr option would be to dispute with your CRA who in turn will contact us with the appropriate documentation.

    Just some info...the name that they provided me in the letter is not my name. My name is not Donald, but everything else they provided me with is mine. This was an ER bill for my daughter, who should have been on my insurance, but wasn't.

    Should I send them a copy of my CR showing this on there? What about getting my wife to sign my letter? I know you aren't supposed to sign validation requests, and send them any information but I didn't know about HIPPA requests.
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