Do I have a case against Equifax?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by webgod, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. webgod

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    Equifax Must DIE! HELP!

    I have never been as furious as I am right now!

    Here's the rundown:

    Aug. 4th Credit Score: 724 with a 12K chargeoff in dispute set to come off Aug. 5th

    Aug. 6th Credit Score: 540 not only did that tradeline not come off it was DUPLICATED!

    brief background: I am a first time home buyer, I applied for a mortgage on Aug 4th after contacting Equifax about the bogus 12K tradeline, Equifax said that the creditor did not validate and told Equifax to remove the tradeline. The Equifax employee said that it will be removed later that day Aug. 4th.

    So I go apply for the mortgage and tell the broker to pull my credit report on the 6th so everything will look good!

    Fast forward to yesterday, the broker calls and basically tells me that my scores were too low (Equifax was by far my highest), He tells me my middle score is a 575 (my previous low TransUnion) when in fact my middle score should be 685 (Experian). Then he tells me my scores, and I about dropped dead when he said Equifax was 540. So he tells me I have to go sub-prime, I tell him not so fast.

    I log into Credit watch (EQ) and pull a new report. I was banging my head off the wall when I saw they DUPLICATED the 12K negative trade line and now posted as open 180 days late (before it was listed as closed charge-off), then to add insult to injury I see two new inquiries by my mortage broker, (I guess he had to double check).

    Enraged I call up EQ this morning and tell them the entire story above (trying to keep my composure), I asked them for a procedural request to see if/how they validated this debt, the EQ employee tells me that they don't have to tell me how they validate just what info they validated. Anyhow, he then digs into my file, and says "GEEZ THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELETED MONDAY, SORRY", I tell him no kidding.

    I then tell him to remove the two new inquiries that resulted in me being turned down for a prime mortgage as a result of EQ's stupidness. He then tells me they can't do that. I tell him to get a manager, manager agrees to remove inquiries.

    Can I sue these morons? The amount of stress and the humilation they caused me iss too much.

    I HATE CRA'S!!!!
  2. thetravele

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    Equifax Must DIE! HELP!

    Well one thing I saw was, everything was done over the phone.

    You have no paper trail.

    What happened over the phone is your word against theirs.

    They could say it was a mistake, and they are sorry.

    Good luck though.
  3. Flyingifr

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    Re: Equifax Must DIE! HELP!

    If they say it was a mistake, then they better fix it immediately.

    I would be filing suit against EFX imnmediately for $100,000 or more (the amount of extra interest you would have to pay over the life of the loan) and let their LAWYERS figure out how to back out of this one.

    But then again, I am ALREADY in litigation with Equifax over fraudulent and fictitious investigations of consumer disputes.
  4. webgod

    webgod Member

    Re: Equifax Must DIE! HELP!

    I had to do it over the phone, since I need this taken care of ASAP, they said the two tradelines and two inquires will be processed immediately and will be deleted in all of their systems within 3 hours.

    As far as suing for $100,000 in increased interest, that won't happen since I won't be taking the high rate loan, I'll just explain to the broker what happened and have him pull another report.

    I'm just pissed at them for the humiliation and extreme anger their screw up caused me.

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