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Have you had a bad experience with Collection Service Inc?

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  1. Disgruntle

    Disgruntle Member

    Has anyone ever had any dealings with Collection Services Inc. ? If so, I would like to hear from you.

    This company is absolutely a bunch of dribbling idiots.

    If you have a collections acccount with this company DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING as it will not improve your credit not one bit. Try to contact the original creditor and make a deal with them to "Delete" the collections account from the CRA's in exchange for full (or partial) payment. If you pay Collection Service Inc. you are simple throwing good money away as they will not delete the accounts with the CRA's and you will not be improving your credit. Furthermore, if you do pay them anything then you are simply updateing the "last payment" date and it will take seven MORE years from that date for the account to drop off of your credit report.

    This company is pure bad buisness. I think that they must hire employeees base on how rude they can be to their clients. Collection Service Inc. will gladly take your money but they will not even talk to you if you call.

  2. NightStar

    NightStar Well-Known Member

    I agree, it is best if a consumer can contact the Original Creditor and request that they retract the account from the collection agency - thus obligating the collection agency to remove the listing off of the credit report.

    Sometimes a Creditor will have an agreement with the collection agency that they are not allowed to cut them out, that any consumer contacting the creditor must be referred to the collection agency to settle the debt.

    Usually a consumer does not want to pay a debt and just get it updated on the consumer's credit report, the recent activity could pull the account forward again and double hit the credit score for a second time.

    If a consumer has no choice but to deal with the collection agency, they can offer the collection agency full payment in exchange for deletion - but the consumer must insist of the collection agency that they confirm in writing what they agreed to, that way if you get the letter and they don't update the credit reporting agency - then the consumer can just forward a copy of that letter to the credit reporting agency with request that the listing be deleted.

    If the consumer makes anything less then full settlement, the collection agency may not be inclined to delete, and further more, the collection agency might sell the remaining debt to another collection agency. It is important if the consumer pays less than full balance - that they get it in writing from the collection agency that the matter is closed and no further collection action will be forth coming.

    If the consumer saves more than $600 on the settlement - the collection agency may send the consumer a 1099-C for earned income tax that the consumer would have to pay. If the consumer does get one of these, then no other collection agencies can try to collect on the remaining balance.
  3. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    It will NOT stay on your report for another seven years. The reporting period is seven years from the delinquency date, not from when you paid it. The last activity date or status date does not determine the reporting period.

    Why do you think they SHOULD take if off your report just because you paid it? You had a debt that went to collections. That's truth.

    Original creditors are unlikely to delete the account just because you pay them. They are required to report accurate information. If you didn't pay your debt and they report it that way, it's accurate reporting.

    What WILL improve your score is paying your bills on time and keeping the utilization ratio low. Each month that you pay on time will help you build your credit. Every month that you don't pay on time will hurt your credit.
  4. NightStar

    NightStar Well-Known Member

    I missed that, yeah you are right, an account can't be reported more then the 7 years, not for regular collection / charge off. Now Student Loans, Tax Liens, and Bankruptcies are different.
  5. vickib

    vickib New Member

    What can I do to get charge offs removed from my credit report? Also I have 2 judgements against me how hard are they to get removed?

    Thank you,

  6. NightStar

    NightStar Well-Known Member

    If you provide the details of the charge off like

    Name of creditor or collection agency

    Date Defaulted on the debt

    If the credit report shows it how long it is expected to expire off of report.

    Details like payment history,

    Balance past due, if not already paid
    High Credit Limit verses highest charged

    Any notations on the listing like transferred, paid, closed, disputed by consumer...

    Will look at it, and see if I can see something specific you can dispute - right off the bad I can say that often the balance is incorrect, usually collection agencies update the report once to add the tradeline (account listing) then don't update it. So that might be a legit error to dispute.

    But want to wait to dispute until I see where you are on SOL - What state are you from?

    On the judgment please post these things.

    Date filed

    Balance owed,

    Name of Creditor or Collection agency that sued.

    Again, the balance can be disputed, because when I worked for the credit bureau I didn't have clear instructions on how to figure the balance, so often I would add up balance with court fees and report that to the credit reporting agency. Others may figure it up different, so it is possible that this is incorrect and can be disputed.

    Unlike Charge offs you can dispute judgments without the creditor knowing what you are doing, only the source for the court house gets the dispute. Let me know the info, and I will let you know what else is relevant to your situation. :)
  7. choicemana

    choicemana Member

    Never Pay Collection Agencies, Under Law, your not liable, because you have no contract with them, ( Unless you sign papers they(Collection Agencies) send you), I have three powerfull letters, I use gets them out of your life for good. 100%

    ATLANTA, GA 30311

    also does anyone know how take Liens & judgements off , your consumer credit report
  8. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    This is absolutely not true. You need to learn contract law, especially the law of agency and assignment. Believing this and refusing to pay may just lead to a judgment against you.
  9. squidzilla

    squidzilla Well-Known Member

    You're peddling this garbage to the wrong crowd here. Why don't you try Yahoo Answers instead?
  10. choicemana

    choicemana Member

    The only reason why you're making coocoo for cocoa puff remarks is because you don't have the knowledge and experience to validate my statements, and thats okay, because some information isnt for everyone
  11. squidzilla

    squidzilla Well-Known Member

    Okay, then. Let's see here.

    This is wrong, and it's a great way to get sued. Also, it's "you're," not "your."

    After reading this "sentence", I'd have serious doubts about your "powerfull" letters.

    Is this a question or a statement? If you don't know the answer, then I doubt your "powerfull" letters are going to do much good.
  12. billbauer

    billbauer Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. Some information isn't for everybody. Anyway there is little or no use trying to get people to understand things that are beyond their lifelong training and system beliefs. For instance, just try to tell the average person that there is both a public side and a private side. They just don't understand that concept. Another one they don't understand is the concept that when you are born and given your SSN that creates an account for you at the United States Treasury which you can use to pay off all your debts for the rest of your life. On the private side all you have to do when you get a letter from a debt collector is sign it on the back side and send it to the treasury to help pay off the national debt. Your signature on the back side turns it into a private money order made payable to the U.S. Treasury. Send a copy of your private side money order to the debt collector along with a copy of the 1099-OID which you have filled out with the amount of money the debt collector has claimed you owe but which you paid with your private side money order. Send your 1099-OID to the IRS and now the debt collector owes the IRS the full amount of the claimed debt and that turns you into the creditor and the debt collector into the debtor. The process is called "A4V" or Accepted for Value and of course we all know the value is zero because it says so right there on your credit report.

    This process is being sold at very reasonable prices by such people as Winston Shrout, Tim Turner, several other experts who, of course has used these great techniques for years with great success. Irwin Schiff's great methods will also tell you how to defeat the IRS when they send you a demand letter. Of course, you can also send them an A4V and that takes care of that problem. Much of the information about how to do all those marvelous and powerful things are available for free too.

    I had a fellow who came to my office the other day and told me about all kinds of wonderful stuff. He told me how he defaulted on some construction equipment and now he has a $6 million lien against the bank on the private side because they went to the public side and got a judgment against him and went out to his place with the sheriff, cut his padlocks and took the equipment. He says they were so dumb they even ignored all of his no trespassing signs. Imagine that! So now he has this $6million lien against them on the private side.

    He wants to sell me his $6 million private side lien for a measly $4 million. He says all I got to do is go see any judge on the private side (in judges chambers, not in open court) and the judge has no choice but to give me a judgment. If he don't give me the judgment he has violated his oath of office and won't be a judge anymore.

    The only problem is that I don't have the $4 million so I'm taking up donations to raise the cash to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I'm going to do it this way. Suppose you donate a million to the program I'll give you 1/6 of the profits after expenses. You get your million back plus 1/6th of the remaining $2 million and I get to keep all the interest that accrues on the $6 million I'll get when I collect it. Now how you gonna beat a deal like that? Maybe I can even use your powerful letters to make them pay up without having to go collect on the private side. All you gotta do is post your powerful letters here so I can copy them and use them to force the bank to pay me my $6 million then I would have enough money to buy the $6 million lien and keep the profits. How about that? If you do that and I collect I'll even split the proceeds with you and we don't need nobody else. s
  13. billbauer

    billbauer Well-Known Member


    I've heard about those powerful letters. I'm sure they will do the trick but I'm wondering how sure you are.

    Are you real sure they will do the trick?

    Let's see just how sure you are.
  14. Disgruntle

    Disgruntle Member

    Re: Do Not Pay Collection Services Inc.

    If you have a collections account with Collection Services Inc. then PLEASE BE VERY CAUTIOUS IN DEALING WITH THEM. They will tell you that they will remove the account records from the credit reporting agencies if you pay up but they will not. You wuill pay them alot of money for nothing.

    I paid them a good deal of money and they implied that they would remove the records from the CRA but they did not. Futher, they placed a statemet on my account that say "Paid less then full amount" when I paid the full amount of the invoice.

    If you have paid them or any other CA money and find yourself on the losing end of unfair practices. If they have made promises that they do not keep then I would recommed that you do the following:

    1. Read and learn the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

    2. File a dispute with the credit agencies (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion). Experian has an online dispute form.

    3. Contact the State Board of Collections and file a complaint. They have an online complaint form.

    4. Contact The Consumer Protection Agency and file a complaint. They have an online complaint form.

    5. Contact the Local Better Business Bureau and file an online complaint.

    6. Contact the Federal Trade Commision and file a complaint with them.

    Good Luck, together we beat Collection Services Inc. and their deceptive practices.
  15. billbauer

    billbauer Well-Known Member

    Re: Do Not Pay Collection Services Inc.

    Great idea.
    What would be the basis for that complaint? Possibly providing false and misleading information to a credit bureau but you would have to prove it.
    If your state has such a state board. Some do some don't. But again you would have to prove your allegations.
    Again, that depends on what state you live in.
    Another and possibly equally effective suggestion might be file a complaint with your state cosmetology board. The results would most likely be about the same. [/quote] 6. Contact the Federal Trade Commision and file a complaint with them.[/quote]Another and possibly equally effective suggestion might be file a complaint with your state cosmetology board. The results would most likely be about the same. [/quote] Good Luck, together we beat Collection Services Inc. and their deceptive practices.[/quote]Not likely going at it the way suggested above. If you can prove your allegations then you would be far, far better off filing a federal complaint for violation of CROA or FCRA or both. That gets their attention real quick. Anything else is pretty much useless.

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