Do u ever pay?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by phxbbw6ft1, Nov 2, 2001.

  1. phxbbw6ft1

    phxbbw6ft1 Well-Known Member

    Do I just start to dispute, or do I ever just try and pay and get them to delete in exchange for payment? Thanks:)
  2. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I guess you do whatever turns your crank or trips your trigger. I always just start to dispute.

    I guess part of the reason is that when they refuse to understand that I have problems too and would do the best I could to get right with them and instead of trying to work with me they just go getting all bent out of shape. That just gets me mad as hell when they tack on a ton of late charges, interest and expect me to feed some lazy attorney who can't ever seem to get the job done right when I am down on my luck for the moment.

    Maybe it is my fault that I overspent my budget because I needed to buy something I really couldn't afford like a halfway decent car or my wife cut her hand washing dishes and a big and unexpected medical bill crops up or my roof started leaking at the worst possible moment. so I get behind on some bill or other and they send me packing off to some sleazebag that tries his level best to make life even more miserable. That makes my blood boil and then I'm going to make them eat a whole plate full of skunk cabbage.

    I'm still a human being even if I missed a few payments and I'm an American Citizen and damned proud of it. As an American Citizen, I have God given rights and my government has a constitution that guarantees me that those rights shall not be violated nor infringed upon by government nor anyone else.

    And yes, I realize and respect the fact that the other fellow has rights just like I do. He expects me to respect his rights also. But his rights only extend as far as the point where the tip of my nose begins. If his heavy hand(edness) ever extends even one silly millimeter beyond that point, I'm likely to react quite strongly and do something that will hopefully teach him that he has just overextended the capability of his rowboat A** to float.

    Lots of folks get themselves in trouble and it isn't always their fault. And as a result they are made to feel like some kind of a traitor to their country who must forever hang their head in shame and have their name indelibly marked in history for all to see and laugh at and poke fun at and disdain. As though they were some kind of Tom Dooley or Aaron Burr, as though if God had condemned them and their children to the 7th generation. To be abused and spat upon.

    That's why I like to help people learn their rights and how to defend themselves against abuse by bigots and fools who have no respect for others and their rights yet demand their rights and more, their just due and blood besides. It is they who need to hang their heads in shame.

    You can forget about your rights if you want to and pay the judgment, but by the time they got their judgment if in fact they ever did sue you in the first place, they have already heaped abuse and more upon you. If that means nothing to you then I guess you just pay up and let them get away with it and let them keep on doing it to your fellow man as well. That's up to you.

    It's not my place to tell you that you are somehow wrong to just pay up and put the whole thing behind you as quickly and as painlessly as possible. That's a decision you have to make for yourself and since I can't walk in your boots, I can't tell you what's best for you. All I can do is to try to help you understand that your rights may have been violated and point out that you do have other options available to you and that you may have good reason to look into it a bit more before you just pony up.
  3. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Totally depends upon the situation... If it's yours- How old- Etc. YES, sometimes you should pay. Yes, sometimes you should dispute.

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