does amex has secured platnium

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by brian, Dec 5, 2000.

  1. brian

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    does american express have secured platnium cards what kind of deposit do they require.

    i called a rep. about the secured card she sent me a application and said that it was a blue optima card.

    is it the blue from american express new card
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  3. PC509

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    RE: does amex has secured plat

    Nope. It is just Blue in Color, not the Blue card:

    To apply...
    The other one was green...

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    I was able to apply for and receive the card prior to the date the program was discontinued. I have heard rumor that they are going to start a similar program with the Blue card, and that may be what one of the previous posts referred to. thanks.
  6. J. Edgar

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    RE: does amex has secured plat

    "Secured Platinum Card" sure sounds like an oxymoron to me!

    PS: This really is me, despite the funny DNS resolution to my IP. I'm in a hotel in San Francisco on a business trip. Oh poor me!
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    Thanks for the chuckle J Edgar:)

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    RE: does amex has secured plat

    I'm sure that when secured and $200-limit platinum cards are introduced, Capital One will be the first in line! :)
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    RE: does amex has secured plat

    After reading some of the topics on the site, I HAD to respond to this one! Are you the type of person who would rather drive a BMW and starve or drive a functional car that matches your income?
    Why don't you get a higher paying job, pay your bills on time and then get invited to platnum status rather than pretending you actually belong?
    I find it so funny how companies like Capital one have these comercials for gold cards with $300-$1000 limits. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE? Capital One has some marketing genious working for them. They have gimicks for these chumps that like to pretend to someone they aren't.
    I get calls all the time to upgrade my gold cards to platnum and raise my credit limit to $20,000.00 ea. Why the hell would I want a 20k line of credit? There is nothing out there that costs over $10,000 that would be worth sitting on a revolving line of credit for.
    Heres some advice for you...
    Besides a house or a car, if you cant pay for something within a few months salary... you can't afford it
  10. J. Edgar

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    RE: does amex has secured plat

    I agree.

    Prestige performs no life sustaining function.

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