Does anyone have a Chase card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dave, Oct 26, 2000.

  1. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Looking for information on unsecured Chase cards.

    What types of credit lines do they issue (lowest, etc.)??

    I know some cards like Cap1 will issue a line as little as $200!!
  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: Does anyone have a Chase c

    I have a chase mastercard. Opened 8/00. My initial credit limit is $2,000. I have paid collections on my credit report from 4/99. Hope this info helps. I applied online.
  3. Spice

    Spice Guest

    RE: Does anyone have a Chase c

    The lowest line Chase has is $300 for secured and $500 for unsecured.
  4. Cathy

    Cathy Well-Known Member

    RE: Does anyone have a Chase c

    I have a Shell Mastercard. IF I remember correctly they started me off around $500 (this was a few years ago) and since then they have slowly raised my limit since.
  5. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    RE: Does anyone have a Chase c

    About 7 months ago, my CapOne Visa was still at $200 and my Providian Visa at $500. At that time, Chase granted me a $1000 limit while turning me down for the Platinum MasterCard they originally offered me.

    My card has the originally offered Platinum terms, namely a 10.9% APR that can be changed only under extreme conditions.

    Coincidentally, I've been thinking a lot about my limit lately. As I said, it's been about 7 months, and still without a limit increase. With the prime APR, I'd love to get even more credit, but I think Chase doesn't want to risk any more money at the low interest rate until my credit improves.

    By such measures as utilization ratio or total available credit, I appear to be fully committted already. All I can hope to do now is gradually close some of my nasty subprime accounts to make room for limit increases on my prime cards.
  6. JacquiG

    JacquiG Well-Known Member

    RE: Does anyone have a Chase c

    I have a classic Mastercard with a $4K limit. The rate is 3.99% transfers/purchases through April 2001. This card is new (July 2000), so I haven't received any increases or anything yet.

    When the promo rate ends, it goes to 18.99. Doesn't matter, since I won't be paying it - I'll probably transfer the balance to MBNA.
  7. maggieM

    maggieM Guest

    RE: Does anyone have a Chase c


    Please look at before you decide; I tossed my app. after I saw this site because there's nothing worse than spending time on the phone with a sucky company.
  8. Saar

    Saar Banned

    RE: Hate web sites

    That doesn't mean anything. There are hate web sites for every major bank:

    For Citibank:

    For Wells Fargo:

    For Amex:

    For MBNA:


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