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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mother2, Feb 28, 2001.

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    increase credit scores (FICO)? Thanks to all of you experts here, I just managed to get $1k increase with Providian. I called to make a payment, then I asked about an increase. The rep told me that next month is my review and I would have to wait until then. I asked to be transferred to the rentention dept. I spoke with a rep, and he said've been with us for over 2yrs. How about a $1k increase. I was at a lost for words. I didn't even get a chance to bluff about closing the account. LOL

    I would also like to know, how many major cc are necessary and what should their limits be? I just want the minimums. Just want to know more ways to increase my scores. I can't wait to finally look at my picture perfect credit report. Again thank you all: MP$40, Roni, Momof3, JIM, to name a few. Knowledge IS POWER!
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    Congrats on the increase, you are learning quick LOL. By increasing your limits you will infact increase your scores, because your debt ratios willl be lower with higher limits, just remeber don't charge up the cards or this won't help your scores. My best advice is to stay under 30% on your total balances/limits, if you can.

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    Thanks Momof3


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