Does CRA have to send validation?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Micki1970, Aug 1, 2001.

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    Please tell me if I am understanding this correctly. When I find a mistake on my cr, such as incorrect dates, amounts, etc. I should of course dispute these. I have done this in the past and have had very little luck, even when sending proof. When they sent back the new- not revised cr is it required that they automatically include information showing validation? The reason I ask is because over the past 3.5 years, several disputes later I have never received any such thing. The most they send is something typed up saying "We verified these as accurate" Which I know is impossible. I am trying to prepare a dispute now and hope to become more informed as to what I should expect according to the law.
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  2. Shirley

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    I'm pretty new at this so other folks will correct me if I am mistaken here.

    CRAs do not validate anything. They supposedly "verify" with the creditor that what they are reporting is correct.

    If you have a dispute with an entry on your credit report, you send a validation letter to the creditor/ collection agency handling the account.

    The validation letter (which you can find on this site by searching for: validation) requires that the collection agency furnish you with proof (such as your signature on a contract) that you owe what they say.

    If they are unable to prove the debt is yours then the CRAs must remove the entry.
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    Thanks Shirley. Do you know if the cra has to show me something as to how they verified this? Like should I receive the information as to whom verified it at the company, what proof they showed to cra and such?
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  4. Shirley

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    If you search this site for validation letter, you will find letters that you can adapt to your situation and send.

    If you write to the CRA disputing something and they come back and say they "verified" the information, you can write back to them demanding the name, street address and direct telephone number of the person who "verified" the information.

    From reading this board, sometimes they won't bother gathering that info, they'll just delete the entry.

    Search this board for past posts that include sample letters, they're extremely helpful.

    And good luck!

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