? - Does Target Visa = retail acct

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dt, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. dt

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    Could anyone tell me whether Target Visa counts as a retail account in fico scores? If not, what is another good retail account I can apply for on-line?

  2. Bill B

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    same ? about sear and sears gold mastercard.
  3. PsychDoc

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    Re: ? - Does Target Visa = retail a

    Anytime you switch from a store-branded card to MasterCard or VISA, you no longer have a retail card. It's now a bank credit card. The bigger question as far as I'm concerned is -- which card improves your FICO score more, the Target Guest Card or the Target VISA? While having a retail card in the mix is certainly a good thing, it may well be that having another card with a higher LOC (and a low balance) may do more for the score. Hopefully we'll begin to collect some real world examples on this board, and we'll know more.

  4. myschae

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    Re: ? - Does Target Visa = retail a

    Regarding Sears...I'm sitting here looking at Experian and Equifax and as far as I can tell there is no difference between my Sears Mastercard and any other. The description is CREDIT CARD as opposed to CHARGE on some jeweler's accounts I still have open so I'm guessing it counts as your run of the mill visa/mc rather than a store card once it's branded. Should I be looking for something else on the report?


    How do you tell what impact one card has on your cr?
  5. wajaba

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    Re: ? - Does Target Visa = retail a

    A TU report from a few months ago had "Too few retail accounts" listed as the second reason why my score wasn't higher (I didn't have any retail accounts at the time). Since then, I opened up an account with Fingerhut (don't laugh...well, okay, laugh) and the "Too few retail accts" message disappeared altogether from a more recent TU report...from having just one retail account. And yes, there was a jump in my score, but a negative item aged off as well, so it's hard to ascribe a specific portion of the jump to the presence of a retail account.

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