does this seem right? Cap one

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lisa, Sep 1, 2000.

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    I have a Capital One visa and decided to apply online for another card from them. When I applied it said they would need additional time to process my application (this was about 2 weeks ago). Today I got a letter saying they need additional information...a photocopy of my social security card and a copy of utility bill or bank statement confirming address. This seems strange, especially considering I already have an acct. through them so they should have this info.
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    RE: does this seem right? Cap

    your right it's a bit odd. But I have heard of banks doing that on occasion. Perhaps to guarantee identity, or perhaps your apps differ from one another ? Give them a call perhaps this can be alleviated with a phone call. Good luck.
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    RE: does this seem right?

    I know what you mean. I recently received a credit card from Citibank. I requested another card for my daughter as an authorized user. I allowed her to go and make purchases for her kids for back to school. I called the company today to inquire about a charge back and was informed that my account was frozen. They verified my information: mother's maiden name, social security number, address, phone- home and work, and DOB. They then put me on hold and came back and said that Directory Assistance didn't have the number to my business listed. They asked me for the main number to the business...told them the number that I had, she said it didn't match. So, I called dir. asst. and got the number they had listed. Called back and still it didn't match their system. So, now they want me to send them a copy of my SS card, ID, bill, paystub...etc. Is this right?

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