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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cadman, Jan 23, 2001.

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    I remember reading that you had repaid Amex from a Ch 13 BK. I am having a tough time trying to repay Amex from my Ch 7 BK in 1993(I understand that it is a fully voluntary repayment). I have spoke to 6 different people at 3 Amex phone numbers, e-mailed back and forth 4 times, spoke with two different collection agencies (who didn't seem to know anything about the debts). And am starting to get really frustrated with trying to repay an old debt. As I recall, Amex will never consider you for credit again unless you repay. Today, I was told by the group in Florida to talk to the group that I talked to a few days ago??? Finally, after being told that I â??couldnâ??t repayâ?, then â??Oh, Iâ??m sorry, youâ??re correct, you can repay â?? but voluntarily, to the collection agency" (the one that sent me back to Amex in the first place). I was then told to write a letter to someone in Florida, I have already written via e-mail to the main customer service. Any advice on what to do, aside from writing the letter? The problem is that since it was discharged in a Ch 7, they aren't allowed to contact me regarding repayment of the debt. I don't know how they are going to be able to respond! That's why I have been calling them every other day.

    Anyone else have any advice. :)

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    RE: Dogman - Amex questions (l

    Cadman - I am not sure - but the difference appears to be that you included AMEX in your BK.

    I did not. They (Amex Account Managers -
    quickly told me the full balance due.)

    I think the difference is that I never filed BK against AMEX.

    CYA - Dog
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    RE: Dogman - Amex questions (l

    I listed AmEx as a creditor in my Chapter 7 in '91. Recently got a preapproved letter for new account. Called AmEx and was told to reapply. Just got my denial letter and reason was previous account not paid according to agreement. Don't have the $ to repay this debt, but have managed to exist without the card for 10 years with no problems. Nice to have, but if you have a Visa/MC with high enough limit, you can do just about anything. Some merchants actually prefer a bank card since AmEx charges more. I would concentrate on keeping everything current and raising your FICO score. I managed a 740 score with a B/K on my records the last 6 months before it came off. Good luck.

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