Don't let hate consume you.

Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by eman, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. eman

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    I'd like to start out saying that I share the same feelings most of you do: anger, sadness, outrage. I just like to say not to let your anger transform into hatred against other Americans. I have been seeing reports on the news of Arab businesses on the news getting threatening phone calls and Muslim temples getting hit with violence as well as many Arab-Americans getting harassed by other Americans. Most of these Arab-Americans are just as outraged, saddened, and shocked as you are. They are even more disturbed that their religion has been used as the guiding force behind this atrocious act. Many of them are even American born citizens that work hard, love and respect this country. It even disturbed me to hear someone close to me say that all Arabs should be eradicated off the face of the earth. This sounds familiar to what the Nazis were saying about the Jews in the 1930s. As free loving Americans, we should not give in to this type of behavior. By responding to hatred with even more hatred will just give more ammunition for these terrorist to use in their propaganda and their sick cause.

    And yes as Senator Zell Miller put it, I feel we should find whoever did this and "bomb the hell out of them." And I also feel we should go after any country that harbors terrorists. We should get rid of the Talibam, Saddam (once and for all), and hang Bin Laden. And yes, I was just as outraged and pissed off when I saw Palestinians dancing and cheering in the streets. I do feel Military Action should be taken to respond to this. I'm just saying that as freedom loving Amreicans we should be coming together in unity and not persecuting other Americans. As far as foreign nationals and illegals that do not support our country or share our feelings, they should go back to the third world hell hole they came from and stop benifiting from our prosperious American society.
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    Exactly, eman. We can't become like those animals, consumed by irrational hatred. And we need to remember the difference between Arab-Americans and foreign nationals.

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