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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ficofightr, Aug 13, 2003.

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    FYI, just wanted to update everyone on another success. Just got Chase Stockback with $7500 CL with a TU FICO of 638 (I confirmed Chase pulled TU).

    Finally got all DW's derogs (collections and paidcol's) off using various methods discussed here. Only negatives left on CR were numerous lates across three different accounts, but all older than 2.5 years ago:
    (14) 30-days late
    (4) 60-days late

    The largest account DW had used to be FCNB and Spiegels ($2500 limit), but since they shut down, the two largest credit cards are crappy Providian $1000 limites (one secured, one non-secured). The other cards are subprime ($600 Orchard, $300 Cap One).

    Yet despite the numerous old lates, oldest account only 4 years old, only 638 FICO, and low limits on other subprime cards, Chase Stockback was approved!

    If the DW can do it, so can you! I'll report on my success later. I have 4 pending lawsuits....

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    ...AND I GOT DENIED A SECOND CREDIT CARD FROM CHASE---THE CHASE UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT CARD because they had a FALSE 30 DAY LATE ON A CLOSED ACCOUNT I HAD...they admitted it was a MISTAKE...SORRY!!! But would they give me the account...NOT NOT WITH-OUT PULLING ANOTHER "HARD"...I said FORGET IT!!! They pulled a "HARD" anyway!!!

    So I had no choice but to CLOSE the current account I had...especially since they "JACKED" it to 16.24% AND REFUSED TO PUT IT BACK TO WERE IT WAS EVEN THOUGH IT WAS BASED ON FALSE INFORMATION (30 DAY LATE)

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    CHASE is out of my life for good...

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