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Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by rsjohn83, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. rsjohn83

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    I received a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions for a debt from 2006 which does not show up on my Credit Report. This is the first letter from them or anyone else. In 2003-06 I went through your debt settlement agency which settled a lot of my debt but now I have received a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions that said I still owe Bank of America over $1000.00 but they are representing MLA Holdings LLC and will settle the debt for $655.80. I just received this today and haven't called Bank of America yet. My question is can this happen since the debt is from 2006. I live in Georgia and I thought that the debt is so old that it was written off by Bank of America. I checked my credit report but there is nothing there from Bank of America where I still owe them the money.
    What should I do about this situation?
  2. jorgelopez

    jorgelopez Member

    Have you already checked with the bank the options that you can avail for this? Choose the one best suits you.
  3. greeneyez

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    I would send a validation letter for sure.
  4. eliana11

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    you know which one is best one for you.

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