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    Dear Valued Customer,

    The recent acts of terrorism in the United States have
    shocked and saddened all of us at Providian, parent company
    of GetSmart. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims
    of this tragedy and their loved ones. Our admiration goes to
    the brave individuals who have been working to assist them,
    sometimes at great personal risk.

    Providian has announced a $100,000 contribution to the
    September 11th Fund, which the United Way and the New York
    Community Trust have established to mobilize resources in
    New York and Washington, DC to respond to the urgent needs
    of victims and their families. Many Providian employees are
    choosing to make additional contributions of their personal
    time and financial resources, which the company will magnify
    through its matching gifts program.

    Nothing can replace what America lost in this calamity, but
    we are proud to be part of a business community that is
    pulling together to do what it can in this difficult time.

    We want to assure our customers that Providian's business
    operations are functioning properly. Your account
    information is safe and secure. Should you need assistance
    at this time, please contact us by whatever means you
    prefer, including:

    Call the Customer Service number found on the back of your
    card, or on your monthly statement, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
    week for account information or to make a payment.

    The U.S. Postal Service has advised us that mail delays are
    likely for at least several days to come. We are working
    hard to minimize any inconvenience to our customers.
    Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you mail your
    payment as early as possible to ensure we receive it on

    Our Websites are fully functioning and available to meet
    your needs. To access your account information, make a
    payment, or contact Customer Service online, registered
    users can log in at http://cardaccess.getsmart.com.


    Shailesh Mehta
    Chief Executive Officer
    Providian Financial

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