Easy approval cards to build my credit?

Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by lovingmom, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. lovingmom

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    Hello. I am 23 and my husband is 29. Neither one of us have much credit but I do have some bad credit against me (walmart card and att and us cellular). My husband just doesn't have hardly any credit history. How can we build our credit? What are some credit cards that easy to be approved for?
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    Hey lovingmom! Did you find my response in the main forum?
  4. Heather L

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    Another way to build your credit is to have a family member or friend add you as an authorized user to one of their existing credit card accounts. Just make sure the card has at least 2 year old of perfect payment and they are able to maintain a low balance on the card (20% or less of the credit limit). If you don't follow these guidelines, the authorized user account could hurt your score instead of help it. You could also get approved for a secure card or a Capital One or First Premier credit card. Hope this helps! Heather with BoostMyScore.NET
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    Awesome tips Heather!
  6. Logan Abbott

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    For past/future forum users interested in building credit, secured cards are the ones you're most likely to be approved of. Here are the ones we endorse as worthwhile (and credit-building) on Creditnet: http://www.creditnet.com/credit-cards/secured-credit-cards ... But you'll also have good luck walking into your local bank or credit union and explaining your situation, too.
  7. MiaCam

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    I find the First PREMIER Bank Credit Card is instant approval credit card you can get immediate reply within 60 seconds after applying online.
  8. Payday4.us

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    Bank of america has a secured line that you will be approved for certainly! Future lenders will look closely at your relationship with this particular account because of Bank of America's reputation. You can leverage this by utilizing no more than 50% of the credit amount and paying on time for (at the very least) 6 months without fail. This will most certainly broaden your credit options with other lenders.
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    This would be a great idea to reduce the bad credit to your account..
  10. $Changers

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    It's not a card, but Azuma Leasing for fridges & washer/dryer posts to your Equifax account as an installment account, which diversifies your credit. I saw my score go up a few points when they reported to my report.
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    secured credit lines are definitely the way to go. I was able to boost my score 120 points just with method alone. Another thing you can do is get a card that is not that hard to get, like a gas card. These will help build you your credit as well. Once you have these, you can then move on to the bigger cards like Mastercard or Visa. (Stay away from Capital One! Trust me). Hope this helps.
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  13. mechanicw

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    +1 on staying away from CRAP1. May help u short term but long term you won't be happy!

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    I used a capital one secured card to get my foot in the door with a bad credit score. You need to make a 50 dollar deposit and get a 200 limit and 300 after 6 months. It does have a 30 dollar annual fee though. That's just what i used though.

    Edit: sorry i didn't realize this was an old thread, i did not mean to necro
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    Hey folks! We've got an updated list for 2016 of the Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit.

    We've included unsecured credit cards and secured credit cards, which will both help you rebuild your credit history and improve your FICO credit scores. Hope you're able to to find something that's a good fit for you!

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