EFX Almost Perfect...Need Advice!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Jun 22, 2001.

  1. Cadillac408

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    O.k. I've been totally cleaning up my Equifax report and it's almost clean. I have to collection accounts. One I just negotiated for $300 (originally $1300) in exchange for removal. The other account is a new one that popped up out of no where that I have NO CLUE about. It's from Risk Management Alternatives for some sort of bill from MCI for $170. This has a date of last activity of 9/96 and the debt is expired! I'm currently working w/ someone in the MCI corporate offices to clear this matter up. I'm 100% positive that this debt does NOT belong to me. RMA doesn't want to work with me at all. I'm sure this will be deleted soon enough.

    As far as other negative stuff left...I have a paid auto chargeoff from Ford Credit (don't ask....for those of you who know me know the story...just thinking about it makes me sick!) that is due to fall off in Feb 02. Junum has disputed this several times to no avail. Always comes back verified and updated, etc. Any suggestions on how I can get this off sooner?

    Also I have 1 student loan reporting as I5 for $1700. I consolidated my loans and originally I had 3 student loans from the same place reporting as paid student loan collections but Junum got 2 of them off. The last one keeps coming back no matter what. I'm not sure when it's scheduled to fall off...I think sometime in 2003. Anyone have any suggestions on this? I've called the CA Student Aid regarding this entry and basically asked them to remove it....of course they said NOPE!
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    Ok, here's a few of my thoughts. MP$40, I'd do the Student Loan in writing! On the car loan, I think it is keep disputing on this one..have you disputed it as obsolete..hoping that the date issue will be hazy enough to get it off?

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