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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jtw, Jul 13, 2001.

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    I had an overdraft line of credit thru x.com. They sold the acct to emcc. I have always made all my payments on time,never been late on the acct to x.com or emcc. They took it over in december. The other day I found out that they reported me as 30 days late on my trans union report. Since emcc took over the debt there has been nothing but problems with the acct, I've received collection calls from nco their collector even though the acct was never late or past due, i've been double billed for finance charges on several occasions. And now they report me as being late when I have never missed a payment. This really infuriates me. What can I do to make them pay damages. What means do I have. I called them today and spoke to a sup, they offered no apology and asked me to send a fax of my credit report so they can see that the acct was late. I feel like it's their error and they need to clean up their own mess. I am wondering if I can sue them for damages for reporting false information to the credit bureau? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also I already disputed this with trans union.
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    Go over to my website and look what I did to them.
    You can do the same,

    So far, I've beat EMCC.INC., NCO and many more and you can too.

    EMCC.INC has a real basic problem when it comes to collecting those X.COM accounts.

    The link is pretty well at the top of the page.

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    I looked at the results but it doesn't show me what you said to them. i'd like to know what the substance of your dispute was with them. Was it the same principle?

    Thanks for your input.

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    I sent them my creditwrench validation letter first and went through the rest of the creditwrench process with them.

    It works every time.

    If they can't validate the debt, then they have a major problem trying to collect it unless the debtor rolls over and sends them the money voluntarily.

    After you pay them, you can live with the bad listing for the next 7 years on your credit files. After all, when you paid them, you just killed any protections you have under FDCPA.

    In otherwords, if you pay any collector, original or otherwise after the account has gone to collections or a collection agency, you just shot yourself in the foot big time.

    Never pay them a crying dime once your account is in collections of any sort.

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