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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tlcampbe, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    On Nov. 8th on Trans Union my account appeared as follows:
    EMCC XCOM Acnt#: xxxxxx Revolving Account
    Closed Credit Card
    Updated date: 06/01/2001
    Balance: $0
    Individual Account

    Opened: 12/01/2000
    Most Owed: $145
    Payment Terms: $0

    Closed: 03/01/2001
    Past Due: $0
    Credit Limit: $100

    X COM
    Status as of 03/01/2001: Paid or paying as agreed
    In prior 02 months from date closed, never late
    Well today it appears as follows:
    EMCC XCOM Acnt#: xxxxxx Revolving Account
    >Paid profit and loss<
    Credit Card

    Updated date: 08/01/2001
    Balance: $0
    Individual Account

    Opened: 12/01/2000
    Most Owed: $145
    Payment Terms: $0

    Paid Off: 03/01/2001
    Past Due: $0
    Credit Limit: $100

    X COM
    >Status as of 03/01/2001: Payment after charge off/collection<


    WTH!! I called these idiots and they stated they bought these accounts as charge offs and that is how they have to report them!! I was never late on my X.com payment and as soon as they went out of business, I paid off this account.

    Help!! Help!! How do I get this off my report and I want to file a complaint against EMCC. Their actions are unexcuseable.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Ask the CRA to report the "TRUTH" ~~~~PAID/NEVER LATE
  3. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Do you have your last statement from x.com before emcc took over showing as paid in full no balance owed. If you do, you can send a copy to them certified mail, r/r/r. Or, you can send a validation letter to them. If you have proof of a 0 balance, you might also try sending a copy to the cra and ask them to delete.
    They pulled this with me last spring and I called emcc. I got a supervisor on and told them you are reporting a charge off and it was never late and has been paid in full. I demanded they fix it immediately and they did.
  4. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    I have already filed a dispute with TU. But I do not have 30 days to wait for an investigation. This is pissing me off!! I wish I never heard the name "x.com" and I am glad they went out of business!!

    I want to buy a new car before the zero percent interest rates expire.

    I searched through the back post and I have tried to get through to Carl Steidman and Mary Smith with no success.
  5. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    No, I don't have any of the old statements. Once the account showed as zero balance, I thought I was done with them.
  6. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have their number. They just screwed me over too. I paid the bastards!!!!!
  7. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    Hey Newcomer are you saying that your TU report has changed within the last few days?

    Here is the low down on their operation:
    Mike McDerromott - is the idiot in charge of the X.com accounts
    Mary Smith - is his supervisor
    Karl Steinman - is the VP, Mary's supervisor

    Here is their phone number: 1-800-783-2055.
  8. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member

    In the last 11 days!
  9. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    All in the world you have to do is to send them a demand for validation. They cannot validate the debt and you got them where the hair grows short.

    Make them take it off.
    That;s the way I did it and I hope to high heaven it comes back on my reports.

    That will be the worst mistake they ever made.
  10. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member


    I hope it's as easy as you say it is. I am already in litigation with a CA that put erroneous info on my credit report. The thing that pisses me off is they claim they purchased these as charged off accounts. The company went out of business! How can they fairly ruin people's credit for that!!!!!! I'm not event talking about myself because I paid the weazles before they sent the accounts to EMCC. I smell a class action lawsuit coming on. I'm not a lawsuit happy person, but I am tired of this credit crap!
  11. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    They tried the same crap with my account reporting it as charge off and reporting my hubby's as 30 days late both were not the case.

    After fighting with their moronic customer service rep I called back and hit the option to speak with their executives offices and I asked to speak directly with Mr. Steinman they asked what company I was with and I said I am a consumer and I needed to speak with him immediately, of course he wasn't available and they said they would take message, uh NO wrong answer I said well then put me on the phone with the person who is directly under him, I spoke with someone else and basically told him I would file a complaint with the FTC, BBB, AG and contact my consumer advocate with a national television network, I also added I was applying for a car loan and IF they did not remove this IMMEDIATELY I would sue them for the difference I would have to pay over the life of the loan, he said it would be corrected, I called back and spoke with the person in charge of updating the bureaus, she said it would take 5-7 days to update I said NO wrong answer you had better do this NOW, I checked my report and it was gone within 1 day, completely removed I might add. Then the next month the tried the late with my husband, I sent them online CM/RR and basically said the same thing but did not include the car loan, BUT my husband did mention MY NAME in the dispute and stated since this happen to him and mysled he say he saw an inaccurate pattern to their reporting and he would pursue this until it was resloved this was corrected in 2 days as well.

    Although you shouldn't have to go through this at all, I must tell you to keep on them keep calling until you get results, DO NOT speak with their customer service reps they can't and don't know squat. But believe they knew me by name by the time I was done with them.

    Good luck
  12. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Believe me, it is easy as pie.
    And if you need a good lawyer let me know.
  13. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    Momof3 do you remember the name of the person that you spoke to that authorized the removal?

    These characters at EMCC are a piece of work, I am surprised that they have not seriously been fined before. They are telling me anyones account they bought from X.com they are reporting as a charge off because that is how they bought them. And in my case they went back after 8 months to change this account to a charge off status totally out of the blue. That is why I suggested those persons with previous X.com accounts to check their TU report.

    I had never paid late or had any other problems with this account until today. And my account had been paid off since Feb 2001.
  14. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I don't have his full name, I contacted him through their options when I called the company asking or demaning to speak with Mr Steinman, he wasn't available so i spoke with Michael something??. Don't give up and I would suggest threatening them with file complaints and a lawsuit, they seemed to jump when I mentioned this and after dealing with me, they fixed my husband's late with one letter and the mention of my name. In fact i would file complaints, this company needs to be stopped.
  15. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Whew!! It's not on mine. Scared me there for a minute. My suggestion, call back a get someone else. They were reporting on me - not derogatory, but it annoyed the $hit out of me. I called and the guy was pretty decent, they had it removed - I hope permanently.
  16. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    EMCC/X.com negative trade deleted

    Okay, I finally got them to remove this item, immediately by sending an email message to their president.

    I found this information on their X.com accounts on their website: http://www.emccinc.com/xcom.htm

    It has their email address for their president ( President@emccinc.com ) and someone in charge of the x.com accounts (xcom@emccinc.com). So last night I emailed them both a dispute letter and threatened to file a formal complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission, the state Attorney Generalâ??s Office, as well as the American Collectorâ??s Association. As well as filing a lawsuit for damages.

    This afternoon I was planning to mail that same letter via certifed/return receipt mail. But I decided to try to call again. I asked to speak to Steinman again with no luck, got transfered to who knows where, where I then demanded to speak to Mary Smith. After saying the magic words, lawsuit for damages, I got Mary herself on the phone.

    Turns out she had already gotten my email message and already had their credit reporting person working to get it removed immediately. She mentioned something about having to report back to the Vice President about this situation. So I think the email to the President is what did the trick.

    So if anyone else has this problem, get to emailing and calling.
  17. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member

    Re: EMCC/X.com negative trade deleted

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I spoke with Mary Smith this morning and she said that she's already gotten a couple of complaints and was working on it. She also told me that it would be quicker if I submitted a dispute through transunion and have them address it to her. She's going to remove the whole thing. BUT...I emailed the president and customer service with a complaint and a threat to take action just for good measure. I don't think I'm going to try any of these "online" bank anymore.
  18. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Re: EMCC/X.com negative trade deleted

    One of my walk in customers brought a letter today from EMCC and they tried a new approach to excape the credit wrench.

    They informed the lady that they were returning the account to X.COM and would make the appropriant remarks to her credit bureau files. They FEDEXED it to her too just like they always do when they know they have just been shafted by creditwrench again.

    And how they are going to return it to a non-existant company is beyond me. And what will be the "appropriate remarks" they put on her credit bureau files?

    This is going to get to be an extremely expensive proposition for them if we can convince this lady to let David Szwak have this one too.

    I hope he gets these people about a hundred grand apiece out of this bunch of army mules.
  19. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Oh please don't pick on The CRAs or Creditors . We neds Em bad an their doin a wonerful job!
  20. hr

    hr Active Member

    what does "EMCC" and "XCOM" stand for?

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