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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jds71, Sep 9, 2003.

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    I still consider myself a "newbie" although I have been working on my credit since late February (admittedly not too hard though)

    I just wanted to give a little encouragement... just when you think its time to quit on an account because you can't get the results you want... Read this. 6 months but I got it off ALL 3 reports

    $967 Collection Account w/ Nationwide Recovery
    OC- Cingular Wireless.
    Original Validation Letter: 3/28 - no response
    "Verified with Experian"
    Deleted from Equifax
    Disputed again with TransUnion the day it came back "verfiied"
    Deleted from TU in late May
    2nd Validation Letter: 5/1 - no response
    3rd Validation Letter: 7/16 - no response
    (copied the FTC, TX State Attorney General, Office of Consumer
    Credit and the Tx Better Business Bureau)
    Requested Verification from Experian (I called them and explained-- or rather whined about how I sent all these letters and I could send them to Experian to start a new dispute)
    EXP: Deleted tradeline 9/4.

    While on Experian it only made a 2 pt increase in score it was one of the worst items on my report.

    So my advice, keep at it and get progressively "grumpier" with them.
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    Cool. That's what I like to hear.

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