EQ: 3 banks "too many inquiries?!?"

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveH, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. DaveH

    DaveH Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    My 9/14 mifico score was 715, and the number one reason it wasn't higher was "too many inquires." This seems strange, as the ONLY inquires they have for credit that they say I've authorized in 12 months are for bank accounts, which should hardly indicate an overeagerness for credit...unless I'm missing something? The excerpt below is from the statement...what do you make of it? Am I doing anything I should avoid?

    I realize my score is respectable, but I want to apply for more credit soon and want to nurse my inquries along as much as possible.

    TIA, Dave

    09/14/2001 ID-Equifax Consumer Services, Inc
    09/14/2001 Equifax Consumer Services
    08/11/2001 ID-Ebay Inc
    08/04/2001 AR-Citibank - VISA
    07/23/2001 PRM-Associates National Bank
    07/16/2001 PRM-Citifinancial
    07/16/2001 Spokane Teachers Credit Union
    07/13/2001 PRM-Chase Manhattan
    07/02/2001 PRM-Fingerhut National Bank
    06/22/2001 PRM-Bank of America
    06/19/2001 PRM-Capital One
    06/07/2001 PRM-Associates National Bank
    06/04/2001 AR-MBNA
    06/01/2001 PRM-Advanta Business Service
    05/09/2001 AR-Citibank - VISA
    04/25/2001 PRM-Capital One
    04/20/2001 PRM-IRWIN Home Equity Corporation
    04/16/2001 PRM-Capital One
    04/04/2001 PRM-First Bankcard Center
    04/04/2001 AR-MBNA
    04/03/2001 AR-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Crp
    03/26/2001 American Bank
    03/13/2001 PRM-Bank of America
    03/13/2001 PRM-IRWIN Home Equity Corporation
    02/28/2001 AR-Citibank - VISA
    02/19/2001 PRM-Travelers Bank Solution Center
    02/16/2001 PRM-Citibank USA
    02/13/2001 PRM-IRWIN Home Equity Corporation
    02/02/2001 PRM-Centex Home Equity
    01/29/2001 PRM-Capital One
    01/26/2001 AR-MBNA
    01/25/2001 PRM-IRWIN Home Equity Corporation
    01/24/2001 PRM-Capital One
    01/15/2001 PRM-Travelers Bank Solution Center
    01/10/2001 PRM-Equity Plus Financial Inc
    12/21/2000 AR-Citibank - VISA
    12/19/2000 PRM-Capital One
    12/06/2000 EU-Facutal Data
    11/29/2000 PRM-Capital One
    11/28/2000 PRM-IRWIN Home Equity Corporation
    11/11/2000 PRM-Mortgage Resources, LLC
    11/06/2000 PRM-Citimortgage
    11/06/2000 American Bank
    11/01/2000 AR-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Crp
    10/24/2000 AR-Citibank - VISA
    10/04/2000 PRM-IRWIN Home Equity Corporation
  2. skittens

    skittens Active Member

    I've gotten that same reason code too when I only had one inquiry on my EQ report. Since you have good credit, it probably just means they didn't have anything else negative to say about you.

    American Bank - Is that the one in Pennsylvania? I've got an account there too. Pretty happy with it so far. Why did they pull your report twice? Maybe you could get their second inquiry taken off since they should have just done an AR.
  3. KHM

    KHM Well-Known Member

    I'm kinda curious as to why these inquiries are still on your Credit report. It's over the 2 year mark. Well the 11/1 will be tomorrow.
  4. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Correction, this is the year 2001. Therefore, these inquiries are only 1 year old.
  5. KHM

    KHM Well-Known Member

    Sorry I had a brain fart LOL, it was the medicine talking I swear!
  6. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    No biggie, brain farts happen.
  7. DaveH

    DaveH Well-Known Member

    Thanks skittens,

    Yeah, I really, really like American Bank, pcbanker.com . I think the second inquiry is because I opened a second account with them a little later. Is that grounds for them to pull a second credit report? I'm assuming so...

    I have a 786 at TU..I was assuming that they must have found it pretty significant to bring me down that much lower. Especially since they have an erroneous 30 days late CC payment from 18 or so months ago that shows as a lower reason (3, I think.) But I could be wrong...?

    Sounds like it's pretty easy to run up inquiry points. Anyone know how a bank inquiry compares with a CC?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


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