EQ screwed up big time!!!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cyprigirl, Jul 27, 2001.

  1. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    I can't believe this, EQ deleted half of my positive student loans and half of my credit cards on my credit report and my score tanked to 519!!!!

    Now I have lost out on a loan, so now I have real damages!

    The items that were deleted popped back up on the lender's version of my credit report.

    I will be following Lizard's route and filing suit. They made a serious error on my file and if they don't fix it on Monday.

    I have the paper trail to prove how badly they have screwed up.
    They even have my address wrong now and a whole host of things!

    They have given me a gift!

    Sorry, I needed to vent.

  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    how old were the positive student loans?
  3. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    my earliest student loan is from 1989 with Citibank and that is gone.

    and the rest were from 1997 and 1998. And my credit cards are from september 2000.

    Transunion did the same thing and now they reinserted the negatives and left the positive information out, this is so bogus.

    Anyway, they have given me the ammo that I needed to sue and win! I have all my paper work so let's see what they do when I send my letter of intent to sue.

    They have cost me dearly!!!!

  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    That is truly strange.
  5. Candi

    Candi Well-Known Member

    Is this going to affect your score even after they fix it. Assuming they do. I thought part of your score was figured on how old your accounts are. Is the fico thing or whatever going to realize these are old accounts or think they are new ones when they are added back on? Man, that really sucks.
  6. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Its official I was denied for the loan!

    As for the student loan, the previous lender was bought buy another and the new lender transferred the old balances to the new lender and they opened new account on 4/2001. So now most of student loans are showing opened in the last three months, which really kills my fico because that is one of the reasons, fico says my score is not higher. But I had my old accounts still listed with the original open dates so it sort of offsets, the new ones. But now in the last week deleted half of my student loans and left all the ones the were opened in the last three months on my file. Then there are my 3 Citibank loans which were there before and are all gone.

    The same problem happened with TU but they put some of them back but they reinserted items that were deleted and that really cost me my loan.

    I am soo mad right now. I sending them a final letter before I file on Friday.

    I also have copies of all my credit reports and letters, so I can back up my case.

    After all the bickering and fighting with Experian, they are the ones that are reporting the most accurate credit file of mine at this moment.

    My EX file is almost perfect, and I am just waiting on the last couple of items that are due to be removed.

    So I relly could not tell anyone which is worse now, because I had to initially fight with EX to get my file cleaned up.

    Anyway I will keep the board posted!


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