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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fxs158, Sep 11, 2003.

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    Ok here is the deal. I disputed some items with Equifax, i send a Certified with return receipt and they received it in August 7th. After almost 30 days leter they decided to mark the items as being dispuuted on my reports.

    I wake up today check my report and the items are still there but the "investigation" on remarks is not there so I assumed that they verrified items. I would have been shoecked if they verrified the one because it says that i was on bankrupcy and I never filled bankrupcy.

    I decided to call them to get a valid adress form the creditor that verrified the bankrupcy, the girl tells me that the items are still under investigation. I told her that they receive the complaint over 30 days and they must either confirm or remove the derogatorry items. She said that the investigation started on september 5th or something to that effect.

    WTF. I sent them a letter with return receipt telling them that their 30 days are up but if they do not remove as they seem to think that the complaint was received in September when I have a return receipt that shows otherwise. What should I do next? What letter after I tell them the 30 days are up and they leave items up?

    What if they validate lets say in 40 days and never removed the derogatory items?

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    If your RR says they signed for it over 30 days ago, then their time is up. You'll probably need to get litiguous on them to get their attention
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    Shoul I send a intend to sue or should i simply sue? I have never sued anyone before so where can i get help with filling the paperwork and such? I cannot afford a attorney and hopefully they will settle before getting to court.

  4. fxs158

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  5. fxs158

    fxs158 Well-Known Member

    Any help here would be apreciated!
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    You can file in small claims, don't need an attorney, and it isn't super expensive. TX small claims requires you send an ITS before you can sue. You will need to check your court's rules.

    I also suggest before you jump in, you search around here and read about others lawsuits.

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