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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Mar 31, 2001.

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    Junum sent out my first round of disputes on Feb. 22nd. I received my Trans Union updated report on March 12th. On Tuesday of this week I decided to call Experian and Equifax because I hadn't heard anything. Equifax claims they never received my disputes but says they did update my date of birth. I got an updated report from them today showing they corrected my d.o.b. but nothing about the items that Junum disputed. Junum re-sent the disputes to Equifax on Wednesday. Experian told me my report would be updated on Friday at the latest and to call back then. The rep. I spoke with on Tuesday told the person who answered she doesn't remember talking to me and wouldn't get on the phone. The rep that I did speak with Friday claims they didn't get my disputes until 3/9 and didn't send out request for verification until 3/15 so the 30 days now isn't up until 4/15. How is it that Transunion can update in less than 2 weeks and these other idiots claim disputes were never received or that it took over 2 weeks for them to receive it?
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    Sorry to hear it!

    I just got my TU reportback. Junum disputed on 3-13. TU wrote me the letter acknowledging the disputes were received by them on 3-17. Yesterday, on 3-30 I got my new report. Junum disputed the 2 negatives on there for the 3rd time. Of course, they remain on the report. If you recall, I had asked Junum to not dispute the 2 items a 3rd time. They did it anyway.

    Keeping a sense of humor about this, I am ready for a change in tactics. We'll see what happens with the other 2 CRA's.
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    Re: Sorry to hear it!

    Also, Experian says that 2 of the items disputed were verified. Transunion deleted those items. I just don't get it.
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    Re: Sorry to hear it!

    LKH, we have experienced the same thing. Hubby did not receive back anything from Junum's Experian/Equifax disputes. Yet, when I checked (got a free report online and his FICO score), his one negative was deleted. So, no update but deletion occurred.

    Junum redisputed and I sent the online reports to them. Exp/Eq are crazy.
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    How did you get a free report online?
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    Re: ~C~


    I got one free as I live in CO..:)

    It also asks if you've been declined and then you can get one free.

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