Equifax Chargeoff score drops,WTF

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lifetime, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. lifetime

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    I have worked very hard within the last 2 years getting my credit straight. I have read this board every day since j edgar and barry N were regulars.I order my report on July 30, 2001 and my score is 658. the only negative is a charge off with the date of last activity 11/99. I dispute the account, it's deleted. I'm feeling pretty good, my score should go up.The chargeoff is deleted from my file and my score drops to 607 in 9 days. My account balances are the same and no inquires. How can this be? I am so upset. I am in subprime hell and I can't get out.
  2. Momof3

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    Wow J Edgar and Barry, those were the days:)

    Anyway what reasoning codes were you given with your new score?? This of course seems completely wrong that your score would take a loss for a deletion.

    Just curious what your reasoning codes were with previous score and now this score?
  3. lifetime

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    10 8 4 14

    The same codes when I had a 658. I feel I should have applied for discover and citibank then. But, I decided to wait until my credit card balances were updated. Reason code 10(balances), I thought that after the chargeoff was deleted and I paid my balances down I would have a high 600.

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