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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ACX, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. ACX

    ACX Well-Known Member

    I subscribed to this service a couple of months ago, and notice that now they have it set up where you can see positive accounts seperate from closed/negative accounts, etc. Well, under negative accounts for me are 2 PAID collection accounts. Under the "account status" section is is marked "120+ days past due", and under the comments it says that its been paid. I've disputed these items in the past with no luck. The account has been paid since 2001, and im sure the fact that its being reported as currently being 120+ days past due when its really paid is killing my credit. Any ideas on how to remedy this? Is it even legal for them to put it on someones credit report like that? Would writing the company be a good idea? Ive tried just about everything and this is the last lingering thing on my credit report to be addressed. I appreciate everyones help.....
  2. tmitchell

    tmitchell Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's legal. The 120 days late is the HISTORY.
  3. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    I know what your saying. An R9 (chargeoff) hurts your score less than an R5 (currently 120 days past due). I had the same problem with an account, and finally disputed it off, but it took some time.

    Since its a paid collection, have you tried a nutcase to the CA?
  4. tmitchell

    tmitchell Well-Known Member

    An R9 is worse than an R5
  5. ACX

    ACX Well-Known Member

    No, I havent tried that. Matter of fact, I dont even know what that is. lol Where would I find info on how that works?
  6. Deadwrong

    Deadwrong Active Member

    This is the 2nd time I have read where someone tried to say that a R5 affects your credit score more than a R9. Yet I have seen in the case of a Sears acct that's on my exp. My credit score was in the 610-620 range with the acct showing as R9, yet when I disputed and Sears rerated as a R5 my score jumped to 753.
  7. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    The Experian score on their website is not a FICO score. It is an in house FAKO if you will. You have to go to myfico.com and pay to get your Experian Fico.

    I'm speaking of my experience on EQ. Crap One was finally changed from R5 (currently 120 days past due), to R9 (chargeoff), and the score jumped 40 points.
  8. shawbee

    shawbee Well-Known Member

    I can verify that. I disputed a r9 and it was changed to an r5 and my score went down 50. Capital changed it back to r9 this week and it went up 50 points. Then the dispute triggered the automatic verification system and out comes an r5 and its down 50 points again. I guess its back to Mr. Cooke on Monday.

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