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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by billc, Jan 7, 2001.

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    I recieved the letter from Equifax confirming that they had researched and deleted my delinquent student loan account.I was thinking I should copy the letter and send it to TU and Experian,and tell them to update and delete the account on their report also. Or should I send the copy with an official dispute letter? Any reccomendations? Thanks.I haven't disputed this with the other cra's yet.
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    A reinvestigation dispute made through a single CRA is supposed to be updated to all three credit bureaus by the creditor. In this case, this is about the only thing they really have to do. You see, you can't sue a creditor under the FCRA if they report inaccurate information (even after a credit dispute). I mean, you can sue under other laws, but not the FCRA...unless they fail to update a dispute received from a single credit bureau to all three. So, if I were you, I would point this out to whomever is servicing your loan and tell they they must update that same dispute to the other bureaus. Apparently, they received a "consumer verification dispute" from Equifax and responded to it. They need to update that info to the other credit bureaus. Make sure the account numbers reported to Equifax match the account numbers reported to the other credit bureaus.
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    From what I have heard and read, just b/c one agency removes something that doesn't mean the other 2 will remove it automatically. There have been many on this board that have disputed something with all 3 and only one removes?? And sending them your updated report to the other 2 may not work. I am not aware of the laws, but I know this has happened to plenty of people especially on this board, if it was that simple we all would be in better shape.

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