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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Gypsy1, May 22, 2001.

  1. Gypsy1

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    I have a Montgomery Ward's charge account listed on my credit reports as a chargeoff that states "settlement accepted on this account". I am disputing that this account was ever a chargeoff, it was paid in full and as originally agreed upon. I requested it be removed from my credit report because it was never a chargeoff, Transunion removed it, Experian removed it, Equifax sent me back a letter stating that the "client reports a zero balance". Since that isn't even what I'm disputing, I'm not sure what they mean by that or if they even investigated it, but they still haven't removed it. It's the only negative thing on my credit report and the date of last activity was 1/96, quite a while ago. But since I don't have a lot of credit anyways, it really brings my score down and makes it so I can't even qualify for a loan. I'm not sure how they can verify something that's not true, especially considering that Ward's is out of business! Where do I go from here? Do I send a validation letter or re-dispute it? Does anyone have a good example of a validation letter I can send? Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to get this taken care of.
  2. Gypsy1

    Gypsy1 Member

    Anybody? I've heard that Equifax is the hardest, although I got them to delete another disputed charge before. It seems like they just ignored my letter completely.
  3. Momof3

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    I would try disputing again with Equifax, sometimes if you bug them enough they "may" delete it. I wouldn't give up after just one dispute.
  4. Marie

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    Call Equifax and ask them how they verified it. Get a name and phone number...

    Let them know you're confused. the other 2 bureaus corrected it (or removed it) and you just don't understand how they could verify w/a company that's out of business. Try to get them to correct it right there w/ you on the phone.

    If they don't, ask for the name and address and phone number of their legal dept manager. Tell them you are thinking you may need to get your lawyer to help you since you think they're not doing their job and since it's causing you so much harm... you're thinking you may just need to protect yourself.

    Do it nicely, but get the point across. They can and have corrected things over the phone. If they do nothing for you, ask them for the procedural description of how they verified the info (they're supposed to send it to you in the mail when you request it). That'll help you if you really do have to push the issue.

    Somebody's lying here and it's Equifax. Let them know, diplomatically, that you've caught them in one.
  5. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member


    You mentioned procedural description . Just curious if this could work in my case. Long story short hubby had an unpaid collection on Equifax, the report continued to update recent lates, this collection was from 1995!! Yet it was being reported as recently delinquent 120+ days past due as of 4/01. I had to pay this for mortgage, however I have been disputing the way it has been being reported. TU has it as well but it is reported as a collection no notations of recent lates and didn't hurt his score much at all 656, while Eq was 577 b/c of this recent deliquent account.

    I wrote a long letter and told them I want a written explanation on how an account from 1995 can continue to be reported as currently deliquent and informed them I would be filing a complaint with the FTC and AG and if they didn't agree with me I wanted a written explanation to forward with my complaints. They of course sent me the usual we have verfied with the agency blah blah and that was it.

    SHould I try the procedure above?? It is now marked as a paid collection but the recent late notations are still there.

  6. Marie

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    You could also tell the rep you want them to do a conference call w/the person they say they verified the account with. They'll say they don't do that... likely. Let them know that Equifax investigated the wrong thing and you have to have it corrected now. Tell them you'll gladly fax the original letter but since it's been 30 days now... you need it removed today (NOT In another 30 days). It's not your fault they did the wrong thing. Best case scenario, it's gone tomorrow.

    That way, worst case scenario, you can have the phone rep start another dispute tomorrow. I'd really push for a removal then and there... but second best is to start another investigation right then.

    Since it really is an error, you can push them much more. If the rep doesn't do anything... ask for a supervisor. Tell them you want it off now!!! Again, worst case is you'll start another dispute starting tomorrow (although if they did the wrong investigation.. it really should be corrected or removed tomorrow over the phone).

    By the way, tenacity is the key. Someone w/a real problem will call up and demand immediate satisfaction.Someone cleaning credit may back down. See the difference??? You really are in the right... push them. YOu have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain here. Be firm.

    If neither a rep or a supervisor helps you... ask for the name address and phone number of the head person in their legal dept. Tell them you'll push the issue if you have to... you can always send a letter to their legal dept and see if that lights a fire.
  7. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Re: Marie

    I ask for procedural description to trap them. If they are talking to someone who really is verifying incorrect info then I need to know so I can talk directly to them.

    If it's a b/s "computer verification" or some Mr. Smith verification... then I am now using that against them as ammo for a lawsuit.

    Really a procedural description only helps you if they really did talk w/someone. Otherwise, it's my opinion that it's smoke and mirrors. They tell us HOW they verified... but don't even have to show us PROOF. I think that's total horse..... well. I think it's stupid.

    Really, if you have disputed twice, requested procedural description and have gotten no satisfaction I'd truly file a small claims court lawsuit. It'll get it taken care of (corrected) and for big things like a mortgage... the little cost would clearly be offset by only 1 year (or one month) of a better rate mortgage.

    Have you faxed/mailed copies of your disputes and proof of the error to their legal dept???

    Again, I'd call and talk w/a rep. if it's no better, talk w/a supervisor. Still not better? legal dept. Still not better? lawsuit. and I'd do on a very quick timeline.
  8. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Marie,

    I did try calling them but they REFUSE to discuss this matter with me only my husband and he works and sleeps and has no idea what disputing is or even what a credit report is LOL.

    So should I sent a letter addressed to the legal department?? I mean honestly we got our loan dispite their screwup, however it is the principle of the thing. I can't believe a 1995 collection can be reported in the creditors section, not even listed under collections, and be reported recently late?

    I thought I worded my letter very strongly, but they didn't seem to blink.
  9. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Well, you have certainly received a lot of very good suggestions. So good in fact that I can't find fault with a single one of them, and that's really unusual in such a long list of replies.

    But there are a couple of ideas that have not been suggested.

    Unless I'm mistaken (entirely possible) I don't remember your saying that any collection agency is involved and that your problem was with Montgomery Wards. If both statements be true, no collection agency and Montgomery Wards, then pray tell me just how in the world any verification could possibly take place when Montgomery Wards is now out of business and has filed for bankruptcy? Even if a collection agency is involved, it still can't be verified because the collection agency has no place to turn to get a validation from. Seems to me you need to put the squeeze play on the collection agency first, get rid of them and then go get the report verified from the CRA.

    Also, if you can nail down the CRA, I think you said it was Equifax, you are most likely going to find out that the verification was actually done by one of their C?S Services regional offices, not Equifax themselves. In that turns out to be true, then you need to demand the validation from each of them at the same time. That way you have a bit of an advantage because you have a bit more of a chance of catching one or the other of them in a lie.
  10. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Ugh. I ran across this w/my brother. He had no clue what to do and he doesn't tend to followup either :)

    I kept wanting to buy a voice changing device that would make me sound like him so I could deal w/his credit card company and w/Equifax :) His item was a derog over a .02 error. No joke. .02 they said "he owed". MBNA.

    I guess you could either put him on the phone w/you telling him what to say (speakerphone?). I know if you go in person you're allowed 1 person to go w/you... maybe that would be the same if you're both on the phone and he gives permission for you to talk.

    Worst case scenario: you could listen and then tell him what to say. You could play good guy pissed off wife :) He could say "well I'm sure they'll fix this right now honey" while you say in the background "no, I think we need to talk w/our law firm of DoWeScrewThemAndHow... " ;)

    I'd keep at it. I don't know how many letters you've sent, or how upset you are/aren't about this... you could certainly copy the letters already sent and also send another letter to their legal dept??? I would at the very least do this.

    It's really an error. Push them. If they don't respond I really would sue them but I'm just tired of the 3 Stooges running over people.
  11. Gypsy1

    Gypsy1 Member

    Thanks for all the great replies. I think I need to push them (Equifax) more. No, the account was never sent to a collection agency, it's still marked as Montgomery Wards. The last report date was 1/98 with the last activity on 1/96. They claim my high balance was $83 and they "settled" for less than the original amount which is BS. And I'm pretty sure Equifax didn't even investigate it. The letter came from CSC credit services which is one of the companies associated with Equifax.

    Since they are claiming the account was a chargeoff that was settled for less than the original amount, I think I will dispute that the item is mine at all. Does that sound feasable? I did have a Ward's charge card, but I know it wasn't a chargeoff situation at all. Transunion and Experian pulled it off my report in less than 30 days, so Equifax has to be lying.
  12. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Totally feasible. Write and say, on further inspection, you believe this account number isn't yours which may be what's causing the problem:

    hence your dispute is "not mine" please remove entirely.

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