Equifax has screwed me again!! Help

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeG, May 3, 2001.

  1. MikeG

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    Yesterday I was all excited because I received an updated copy of my Equifax report. The only negative on that report was a charge off for providian. I have paid the charge off and simply wanted it to be updated as paid. Well, Equifax has removed the account all together. Woohoo!!! Yet, the story does not end there. I decided to go ahead and purchase my score from Equifax expecting it to jump up with the charge off removed. IT DROPPED 70 points. Why you may ask, because they now have my auto loan with ford credit listed as PAYS 60-90 days late.

    What the heck is that!!! I do admit to making on payment 60 days late while in transition from graduating from Graduate School and beginning my new job teaching. However, that was 2 years ago. If you look at the details of the account. It has 3 denotations as 30 days late which are true. For some odd reason, they have the account status as 60-90 days late. So how do I dispute this. The account is paid an current.

    It looks like score power has taken a new format in terms of how they display information since I last purchase my score, but this stinks. It is the only derrogative information on my report. Oh wait, they also have my school loans listed twice, but that is another story.

    Mike G.
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    Well, you should probably contact the creditor and see if you can get them to remove it or change the report by explaining why you were late.

    If that does not work for you, you still have 2 avenues of approach. The first would be to try to get the report deleted completely and the next would be to do a 100 word or less statement. I usually advise against the 100 word statement, but there are those times when it does come in handy.

    Bill Bauer
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    Mike....I just had a VERY similar thing happen to me....if I was cynical/paranoid I'd think Equifax is trying to screw those of us who use the online score/credit and dispute process.

    I have a Discover card, with 3 late payments...2 in 1996, and 1 in 1998. I requested verification.
    Verification came back with the account now listed as "Pays 31-60 days late" I also discovered when I received the snail mailed results of my dispute htat the CURRENT status was being reported as R2 - you can't see that online.

    Prior to verification, my credit score was in the high 600s, after this it dropped to the 570's. Primary reason was that Length of time since last delinquency unknown or too recent.

    I didn't have the option to re-dispute online, so I first called Discover to confirm that I've had no other late payments since 1998...and then called Equifax....they are re-investigating. I can't see my credit score again, yet, but based on my lack of success in obtaining a car loan this week, I suspect that they MAY have caught on to increasing scores as a result of online disputes.

    There's another post on here htat sounds really similar to this situation.
  5. Desdemona

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    I too have the same problem. I had 2 x 30 late on my Ford Motor Credit from Oct/Nov. 98 tried to have them removed it came back as "pays 30-60 days late" but the current rating is R1.
    I wigged and sent a online dispute, I calmed down and requested a copy of my history with FMC, received it this week and I don't know if I opened a can of worms or not. I have some pays that are posted 33, 32, 36 days late on my FMC history, one that was 41 days but never had them show on my credit report as late. From 98 to 2001 I only had the 2 x 30 showing on my Equifax and TransUnion reports. FMC reported me as Current never late on Exprian from day one. I'm just praying they don't get spiteful and list me as 4 x 30days late plus the 2 that were on there. If they get spiteful this will really drag down my already low score.

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