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    I have place placed a Fraud Alert with all of the CRA's. Experian and TU has deleted all that I have disputed including the inquires. EQUIFAX on the other hand ..... is still disputing... anyway.... I asked them about my inquires!! I have a page 75% full of the same people, same months, most dates are back to back. When I asked Equifax about them ..... they sent me page of names and address(no numbers) of who I needed to contact. NOW.......I went online and called a few people yesterday about their address.... ONE COMPANY...
    told me that the address Equifax gave me had expired 5 years ago after their company merged and I should not have that address...!!!!!
    Citibank... told me that it was useless that out of the three of them they WOULD NOT delete... The lady claimed they would no longer call or
    send them anything about inquires..!!! She claimed that's the way Equifax is ..it's was their policy and GOOD LUCK....!!!!! She offered to mail me a letter...!!!! ONLY... after I suggested I sue her company for pulling my credit 16 times back to back with out my authorization ....!!! I COULD SCREAM.....!!!!
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    Go on-line and file a complaint with the FTC. Send Equifax a copy and demand that they remove the inquires.
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    I agree with rlockhart.
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    Re: Equifax...help.....!?!?!?!?!???


    Most/ all CRA's told me that a creditor's letter would suffice to remove inquiries, so hers is not a bad idea at all. Could you please share the phone # you used for Citibank and the department you've talked to ?

    Also, how did you go about removing inquiries from the other 2 bureaus? Thanks.

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    Re: Equifax...help.....!?!?!?!?!???

    Thanks for everyones help...


    When I put an fraud alert on my credit report. I disputed, 1st try, all that wasn't mine including inquires. After 30-days..... I got my correction summary back from Exp and TU. They had removed all that I had disputed including the inquires. I didn't do anything special. But... I can say... I did have a police report, I told them about when putting the fraud alert on, to help support my claims.

    One more thing... I noticed today I have collection agency that pulled my report 3/23/2001... as a hard inquiry.

    NOW.. I was thinking that if someone pulled my report that I was to be notified/asked. I have had my fraud alert on for more than 60-days. I was never notified about or asked if they could have my info.

    Is there any <clause> with Collectors pulling your report even if you have a fraud alert that I am not aware of??

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