Equifax Inquiry Deletion Troubles

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by matty61184, Jul 24, 2001.

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    Ok, I am having a little more trouble with getting Equifax to delete my inquiries. TransUnion started out difficult at first, but I just sent them a second letter, and they sent me a letter letting me know they would send me a report along with all the results of the investigation within 30 days. Anyhow, here is what the letter from the Cbe Group (local Equifax office) said to me:

    We have completed your request for an investigation of item(s) on your credit file. The following results were found:

    We were able to verify applications submitted through Lending Tree, First USA (FCC National), and Discover. However, you must contact each of them as to the validity of the application and ask that they remove the inquiry should they find it to be incorrect. American Express would not speak to us at all. Providian E pulled your file 4/2000 and 8/2000. What should I do!? I am really confused and don't know how to shoot back at this. I called the local office and the lady there was a real bitch! She told me all these pathetic consumer rights laws are garbage and make everything harder for her! Pathetic my butt! Help me, I need advice, ever a sample letter would be great. Thanks.
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    matty, what kind of letter did you send transunion? Can you post if up here? I think a lot of people would me interested, me included. Transunion does not seem to take me seriously.
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    I used the letter from this website. http://creditexpert.tripod.com/letterinq.htm. I just wrote that letter and then I also listed the specific inquiries and why they weren't authorized by me. I told them if they don't do something about it, my lawyer would.
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    Re: Equifax Inquiry Deletion Troubl

    It's too bad you didn't record the conversation with the woman who thinks that the federal laws that she's obligated to comply with are garbage. I think a transcript of that conversation would be pretty impressive evidence in a complaint filed with the FTC.

    If American Express wouldn't talk to the CRA then I would interpret that as meaning they didn't verify the inquiry. Out it should go.

    Anyone else have a problem with unauthorized Providian hard inquiries? I get their promotional crap all the time but I've never responded. But my credit report shows a hard inquiry.
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    The link is no good. Is this NetKat's site? I didn't know she had letters on her site.

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    I see it! thanks. On that page, click on "resources" then scroll down to "letters."

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    Ahhhhhhh Dave is observant. ;)


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