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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by VJ, May 12, 2001.

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    The latest position of the CRAs is that inquiries are not disputable but just a statement of the fact that
    a report was granted, generated, to whom, and when.

    Nice position if you don't want to accept extra work or if you feel the consumer is your sworn enemy.

    So here's my question.
    How can they go on record taking that position when, in fact, equifax has a form that they send out selectivey to the entity that requested the credit report on requesting information and confirmation of a inquiry for a permissible reason.

    I think I need a copy of this form. It would be interesting to dispute inquiries,then have them come back and say it is not disputable with them and then produce the letter in court after they state their position.

    Anyone seen or heard of this dispute form?
    Ideas, opinions?

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    I hear you all the way, VJ. This should be an interesting test case to be brought to court, and the plaintiff virtually can't lose, if only because the CRA's would never let this get to a hearing phase. They'll look for an easy way out.

    Which is why this requires a class action.

    My recommendation: don't just dispute the inquiries. Dispute the fact that they were made for a "permissible purpose" under the FCRA. Send certified R/R. Then, when you sue them, you can't lose. They'd have flat out refused to investigate a nonfrivolous dispute. See them handle this.

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