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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dustin, Apr 4, 2001.

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    This is a letter I am going to send to Equifax. I sent them a letter on Feb. 15th and have not received a response, and the items have not been changed on my report. How does this look? I am kinda getting tired of them "verifing" and taking their time when verifing.:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This is my second letter to you to dispute inaccurate entries on my credit report (#101907819). As per the FCRA, you must investigate the accuracy of these entries within 30 days. My first letter was sent on February 15, 2001, and I have not yet received a response. By law, since these were not verified within the 30 days, they must be corrected and/or deleted. To avoid further action, including reports to the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission as well as filing a small claims lawsuit for violation of the Fair Credit Report Act at $1000 per violation.

    I am enclosing a copy of the first letter of dispute. Please correct the following items on my credit report:


    Again, as these entries were not reinvestigated or verified within the 30 days as allowed by law under the FCRA, they must be corrected and/or deleted from my credit profile. These entries are incorrect.

    Thank you for your time.


    Mr. Iamrightandyouarewrong
  2. Dustin

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    Re: Equifax letter / Lizard Ki

    Thanks man! BTW: I saw a post that linked to your web sites, they are awesome!
    Thanks again!

  3. Lisa

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    Re: Lizardking?

    I must have missed that
    lizardking has a web site?
    could you repost the link

    BTW, I registered at fool to vote for you. I caught the thread there, a hot redhead?! I just thought you were a Doors fan :)
  4. Dustin

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    Re: Lizardking?

    I know I saw about 3 of them. I will search for the addresses. Great design. I have not looked to see what they were coded in. If it was raw HTML, dang! I am jealous!!

  5. Dustin

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    Re: Lizardking?

    I thought it was you that had posted a few sites of yours. Maybe it was someone else. My mistake. Sorry.

    But, if you do become an Equifax Database Admin, don't forget about us little guys!


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