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    Okay, Mom and others,

    I called the Equifax number and waited about 25 minutes. "Gail" came on and asked a few questions them put me on hold again. 10 minutes later she came back and said "Unfortunately, they found 2 social security numbers listed under my name so they need FAX verification from me to verify who I am, Without that they can't give me my score"

    I am shocked to say the least. I have been in the credit system for 20 some years and NEVER heard that before. I just got my corrected file from them after disputing a few errors on my report. Nothing about a duplicate SSN was ever mentioned. I have pulled my file numerous times. Gotten a mortgage before, lots of things and never had two socials under my name. She said she even had her supervisor check and there are two socials under my name. I DON'T BELIEVE THEM. I think it's a load of crap, and this girl screwed something up.

    Funny thing is they didn't have any trouble verifing me during the process. It took my info and verified who I was online. I didn't get an error there. I just got the "too busy, will process later" message. I asked her before I hung up if I wouldn't be charged since they couldn't produce the score and she said no.

    I am just going to drop it. I don't need my score really. I am not applying for a new mortgage any time soon. I was just curious. I was tempted to ask her what the other social security number was incase then had lower cc balances than me! HA HA! Not really.

    What do you think? Should I go through the hassle of faxing them info for later purposes if this ever were to come up again? Like I said, I just got a report from them and never heard one peep about any trouble.

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    Judy I am so sorry, all that waiting for nothing:( Personally although I know it's a hassle and I am sure it is clearly their screw up, I would probably get this taken care of now, so you won't have this hassle in the future.

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    Date: 03-20-01 10:32

    Judy, I think you already know to get this fixed ASAP. Get a copy and correct it. Otherwise if that other SSN is actually being used by someone, then some of his/her accounts will end up on your report eventually. If it is an inactive SSN or was never issued, then you might get a hawk alert for fraud if the birth date is incorrect for that number. There are a number of problems that could happen with a bad SSN on your report.

    Reply To Message = there are 4 SS#s on my credit files = How do I get the 3 that are wrong removed?
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    I have a new report that they sent me about 2 weeks ago. It says nothing about a second number. She gave me a fax number to fax to so I guess I will go ahead and FAX the info to her. I was really in shock and didn't hear what to send. I did hear SS card copy. I can do that.With a copy of my drivers license.

    It's just funny that somehow this came up in the last 2 weeks? I think I will call and use the ID number on the recent report and have them verify that there are 2 numbers on my account. Just to make sure 2 people up there see the same things.

    Thanks, Judy
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    I had a second SSN on Experian. I called and they removed it right then and there.
  6. judyputy

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    Just called Equifax and spoke to a girl using my recent confimation number from the report 2 weeks ago. She put me on hold and went to check what "gail" told me this morning.

    She said the ARE NOT two social security numbers under my name. She said she talked with the supervisior over Gail and they couldn't get it to show two numbers again. She doesn't know what the hell Gail did, but my credit report is fine. I asked her several times if she was sure and she said absolutely.

    There is only ONE ssn on my file and it's mine. SO I am going to leave it at that. Now it they ever charge me for that number I will raise hell.

    Anyone been to the site lately? I went and it is totally down. Maybe it overloaded. HA


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