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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Jan 7, 2001.

  1. Momof3

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    They were EXTREMELY quick this time, I disputed my remaining accounts 1 closed, 2 paid off on Dec 29 and they have already been corrected, now I call that fast:) So now Equifax is completely accurate, atleast for this month LOL. TU was pretty close 2, just one account and 1 balance wrong. Just waiting for my updated Experian report with my limits and I should be all set.

  2. Angela

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    Hi Momof3

    A question for you. "limits' > are these capital one and or providian crdit limits? If so tell me what you are doing. I have my credit reports and noticed that the limits are not there. Do you think this is just a mistake or is this deliberate?

  3. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    RE: Hi Momof3

    This is NO mistake, atleast in my case Citibank doesn't want limits shown b/c they are afraid another bank will try to make you a sweet deal, this was told to us by a Citi bank rep. But what i did was got my Experian report, this is the only report that does NOT show my citi limits, anyway I made a copy of my statements and highlighted the limits and then I sent a nice letter stating that I wanted these limits reported with my accounts since they were showing my balances it was only fair and also the correct and accurate thing to do and since these factor into the scoring method would they please include the limits that I have sent them. It worked for my hubby's report and Experian now shows the limits for his Citibank, I haven't gotten my updated reports yet but I am sure it will work since it worked for him. I hope this helps you.

  4. Saar

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    RE: Equifax Online investigati

    Hold your horses, mom.

    I also disputed w/ Equifax online. After a couple of weeks they removed the item. After a couple more they re-inserted it. On the hardcopy version they sent in response to my dispute, it appeared as if nothing changed.

    I then called the creditor (Amex CB unit) and insisted that they correct it. they did.

  5. Angela

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    Man, the tricks these guys play on us. I just don't think like the credit card companies. Now I won't be chasing my tail wondering about whether this was a mistake or not.
  6. roni

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    RE: Thanks

    As far as I know, Capital one is the only bank which doesnot report limits at all and only uses your high balances as limits. Citibank is only leaving limits off experian reports for some reason. Good Luck.


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