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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Credithelp, Jan 26, 2001.

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    Here's my story. I sent Equifax a dispute letter, with a letter from the creditor stating that the info on my Credit report was wrong. They sent a letter saying that they verified that the info. on my report is correct and made no changes. I called Equifax and told them didn't you see the letter I submitted with my dispute from the creditor that stated that the info is inacurate. The rep I had on the phone said that they can't except letters sent in from the creditor to me. That they can only except it directly from the creditor. Has anyone had this problem with Equifax? Experian and Trans Union had no problem correcting it. What are my options? Thanks!
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    Well I would call your creditor and have them call Equifax directly and get this taken care of, I would keep on them until they called and got this resolved.

  3. Larry

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    If you have a 3-way line... or set a conference call with all; the CRA, Creditor and you... I am sure you can resolve this minor setback.

    Good luck !!
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    Equifax is shameless

    I sent in letters from three creditors requesting deletion, and Equifax "verified" two of them within two weeks of receiving my dispute. The other account just disappeared from my report, but without any statement from them that it had indeed been deleted. I called Equifax about the 2 remaining accounts, and they said both the creditors verified. I asked what department verified, and the rep said "even if I knew that information, I couldn't tell you and you should have the address on your report anyway." She told me that the only way that Equifax will delete anything is if they receive a universal data form from the creditor. I told her that two UDFs had been sent and that I had my own written verification from one of the creditors that the UDF had been sent. She then said it would take up to 90 days for Equifax to update, even though EVERY creditor wrote me that under the FCRA the CRA's had up to 45 days to update. All of my UDFs were sent in mid November.

    Additionally, I know that Equifax verified without investigating, b/c within 2 weeks of receiving my dispute letter (with the creditor's letter), they wrote me that they had completely researched and verified the accounts. Whne I called them about this, a supervisor got on the phone and told me that they did in fact receive the UDF (two days after the verification letter was dated) and they were going to delete it after all.

    This tells me that they verified it as correct before they received any communication from the creditor - which is a flagrant violation of the FCRA.

    I have just requested that the third creditor resend a UDF and send me another letter saying that they did send a UDF. If Equifax doesn't respond, I will sue them.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    The credit reporting agencies report what they are told to report from the creditor, SO THEY DON'T ACCEPT "PROOF" FROM CONSUMERS...(AS I HAVE LEARNED AFTER 23 YEARS OF CREDIT) YOUR A NOBODY.

    CATCH 22, you can't live with them, you can't live with-out them...
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    OH MY GOD, I just got off the

    with the exact smae problem. The rep told me that Eq. doesn't take written documentation for disputes because it's so easy to tweek the documents. I can't believe it. TRans and Exp both excepted the letter I sent along with the dispute. Equifax said they verified the info just as you said. Heres what my letter said:

    Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding you student loan account.

    YOur telephone # was updated.

    We have changed your address to the address referenced above.

    You loan has been purchased by ED FUND. Please contact them regarding the status of your loan. Their address is :

    WE are sorry we were unable to be of further assistance to you regarding this matter.


    What should I do now, my loan was rehabilitated thru ED Fund? I sent in this letter and Citibank verified. How?
  7. molly

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    RE: OH MY GOD, I just got off

    I called before I read this message. How do I get a UDF?

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