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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by godaddyo, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. godaddyo

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    This is a draft of a similiar letter that I sent Equifax today. I have been unable to access my FICO score for no apparent reasons. I am sick of dealing with them over the phone, so I am going to deal with them by mail only. I will keep everyone posted on their responses.

    Re: Equifax Score Power


    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I have been trying to access my Fico Score using your automated system called "Score Power". This product is supposed to be accessable by inputing personal infromation and answering the questions about a consumers tradelines that are generated by your automated system. I have taken any and all measures necessary to provide accurate and detailed information in regards to your companies requests. As of todays date, I have attempted to access this information (4) times. Each time I have been turned down and asked to contact your company at the toll free number provided. I would like to provide you with all actions that have been taken on my part to remedy this matter.

    1.) I have contacted the Web Customer Service Department through the toll free number provided online (4) times after each denial of my FICO Score.

    2.)I was referred to your Fraud Department 4 times. Each time I have been told by your customer representatives that there is absolutely no negative information on my file that would indicate a fraud alert or any fraudelent activity of any sort.

    3.) The Fraud Department has provided with a number to reach the Fair Isaac Credit Score Helpline. I have spoken to a representative named "Betty" several time is regards to this matter. She has brought me up to date on any reasons that I would not be able to access my score online. We both came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no reason why I should not be able to obtain my score. Unfortunatley, she is not able to do anything about it, their services are provided to help consumers and businesses with questions or concerns.

    4.)I have contacted your Consumer Affairs Office (2) times. Each time I have been referred to my local affilliate Credit Bureau, The Credit Bureau of Columbus. The CBC has told me during both conversations that there is no fraud alert appearing on my file. They have also told me that they have no affiliation with the "Score Power" product and they were very confused why Equifax Consumer Affairs had referred me to their offices.

    Unfortunately, I have been getting the run around for a couple of months now. Much time has been wasted on hold for twenty and thirty minutes at a time. All attempts on my part have not resolved this matter, nor do I feel that your company has made any valid attempts to remedy this situation.

    In order to resolve this problem in a timely and amicable manner, I must insist that this issue is assigned to someone with the authoriztion to rectify the situation. Enclosed you will find all the documentation your company deems necessary for identication purposes. I will be looking forward to our next communication.

    Best Regards,


    THis should be entertaining. Thanks for the idea Mr. Fisher.
  2. Nave

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    Sounds like a good letter. Couple of things I would change. Not to be critical but I would do a spell check before sending. I like the KISS or "Keep It Simple Stupid" and to understate rather than overstate (which I am guilty of doing over and over again). It gets frustrating but your frustration does not necessarily have to show in your letter (which it kind of does). The gist of the letter is warranted and I believe you are due some answers however, I am unsure as to the CRA's obligation to get this information to you in this manner. Is there any obligation for them to provide this service or is it something "extra" being an Internet, online, new product and not specified as a consumer "right"? (not asking you, I am asking in general) and therefore the "must insist" line may be a bit much.

    In either case, good luck, I hope you can access the information due to you.

  3. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

    This is not the final copy. I have already sent it out minus the spelling and grammatical errors. The main them of the letter is still there and it allows me to keep my anonymity at the same time. I am a bit paranoid about credit industry lurkers checking this site. The final copy does relay my negativity also. I am only hoping that the squeaky wheel gets greased. You are probably right that they have no obligation. I just want to see there response so that I can post their silliness here on credit net for us all to laugh at. Greg Fisher has a similar situation that he is letting all see on his website. It made me laugh my a** off!! Thanks for your input.
  4. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

    Your question on wether it is a right or not is a good one. Maybe, one of the experts will know. I seem to remember a big fuss about consumers being left in the dark when it comes to credit scoring. I wonder if it is the CRAs way of keeping everyone happy or if they were ordered to do it. HMMMMM?
  5. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    You know, being an Internet software designer myself and having these problems within my own organization, I wonder if you can't go at this in another way. Rather than thinking it is a refused right, it is likely that it is a programming (data verification) glitch....I wonder if you can't get more done by attacking this at the online level and dealing with any Internet help they may have. I ask because I don't see "denied access" as part of their FAQ page and wonder whether they consider access different than denial of service. I see in #1 you opted to call the 800#, have you emailed the customer service (customer.care@equifax.com) address as well? Not sure if it will help but they may not be as Internet savvy at the 800# as they are at the email address help lines. I know that is the way it was at my company, the "email responders" were different than the 800# CS department.

    BTW did you try getting your report free through CreditExpert? Does it work on other online score or credit report accesses?

  6. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

    Ill post email responses also. Good idea NAVE!
    For some reason I cant get it any info that has to do with equifax online. They will only send me hardcopies of my reports. I cannot talk to them directly about this because I am locked out of their system. THey always refer me to the local affliate bureau. It ticks me off......Its nothing but telephone tag....

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

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    I had the same problem. Could not get anything online and they would not talk with me on the phone. I sent them a letter. It took two weeks, but finally got the report in the mail Wednesday. Then another came today.

    They are idiots.

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