Equifax - Small Victory II

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. Cadillac408

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    Just got my on-line results back and that Asset Acceptance Corp trade was deleted AND gone from my report. Last time I investigated it, it came back as deleted but it was still on my report for some reason. I guess they needed some code? or something from Asset to delete since they didn't respond to their first dispute. They didn't respond to the request for the code either so the item was manually deleted. Whatever...

    The other items that I disputed still have *Customer Disputes - Reinvestigation in process*

    Credit Regulating Services: I negotiated for payment in exchange for deletion w/ the original creditor (for that stupid towing bill). I contacted CRS like a month ago, FED/EX'd them proof, and they said they would start the deletion process. I'M STILL WAITING!!!!!! I'll call them Monday and tell them NOT TO respond to Equifax's inquiry and see what they say.

    RMA: This was over some bunk MCI account that I STILL have no clue of. I sent them a few validation letters and they said that they were referring this back to MCI and pulling their entry.......well???? Then to top it off, I see that they placed an inquiry on my report that says :

    REA - Risk Management Alternatives

    What does REA mean? The placed an inquiry on my report before and it didn't have REA next to it. Humm....anyone got a clue? Another thing that's buggin me is that I KNOW this account isn't mine because of the address they had on file (turned out to be my old roommates address after we went our separate ways...she doesn't live at that address now either). I have disputed this address and they have removed it but the agency keeps reporting the address and it keeps appearing on my report! I'm at my wits end on that one.

    Ford Cedit: For those BOGUS late payments. Hey...try til you die, right? You can't blame me! ;-D This will be my last attemp before it's gone in 2/02. Maybe they might cut me a break.
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    I have the same situation on one of my reports w/RMA and MCI. They are doing REA inquiries on my report every 3 months or so-my SOL is up very soon.

    Did they remove it from your report while "referring back to MCI"? I wrote MCI and got NADA from them.

    I disputed the REA w/EQ and they said that any creditor that is on my report can do this for "permissible purposes." What Bunk.

    Does anyone know what REA is?

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