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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lmckenzie, Nov 15, 2001.

  1. lmckenzie

    lmckenzie Well-Known Member

    Hi all-

    Real quick, I had some disputes with Equifax and I had called to get the results and the Rep told me to expect them in the mail. Got the results in the mail and I had 4 accounts DELETED this was good, because they were bad. However when I go to look at the actual report that they sent in the mail. NONE OF THE ACCOUNTS HAD BEEN DELETED. So I called Equifax this morning and explained this to the rep who could offer no explanation as to why they were still showing on the report. She said that they would "investigate" this. They gave me another confirmation number and told me that the report should be fixed in 3 weeks. PLEASE watch your reports and make sure they say exactly what they are suppose to.

    Equiafax motto
    You may want it fixed, but we don't
  2. Bill B

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    This is the worse one i have delt with yet! I ordered wifes report a couple months ago and received it but it was under her maiden name..She called and then sent note with copy of license..Well they investigated and fixed problem LoL she received the results (fixed) BUT the report came under her maiden name still...Ok called again they said it was a glitch and they would fix it fine...Well they sent results again..The first page that shows through the envelope was under her maiden name but the report was under her present name...We have been married for over 3 years and creditors use correct name...UNREAL
  3. roni

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    Keisha.... You need to fax in a copy of the letter where it says it was deleted. I've had this problem a couple of times. Call back and tell them you would like to send the letter as proof. Ask to fax it. They should be able to update it in a few days.

    If you let it go like now, they're starting a new 30 day investigation where the accounts may come back verified this time.

    You need to get on this ASAP!
  4. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    They must have stolen it from FICO!
  5. lmckenzie

    lmckenzie Well-Known Member

    Thanks BKEV, by the way I called the consumer number that you have given in a previous post and that really helped me a great deal I am going to fax ASAP.....no more customer service for me

    BKEV, thanks I have read a lot of your post and you have been a great HELP to me and I have never told you THANKS....but THANKS
  6. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Four times in one post? WOW!

    NO problem. Just try to spread your knowledge if someone else has the same issue.

    Have a nice day.
  7. monicagee

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    Please post or give the link to the thread with the consumer number.


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