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    In January, I called CSC Services (Equifax's Call Company for Texas) and challenged 7 accounts on my credit report. One of these accounts was mine (Dillards Charge Off) and the others were not. The other 6 were my Dad's accounts. I protested all of these accounts and the Dillards was the 1st account removed. His accounts were also removed from my credit report. They mailed me different letters stating that the challenged items were "Deleted from the credit file." After that month, I looked on QSpace.com and other online credit websites that got their information from Equifax and thy were gone. Last night, I just thought, I'd go to Equifax.com and I saw EVERY account back on my credit report. It shows Dillards, and all 5 of my Dad's accounts as being Disputed. I called CSC this morning and they said that my Dad's accounts were placed under dispute on March 30th! I have not called them since very early February! I have not written them to challenge the accounts since they were removed! However, all are back!! I want Dillards removed the most, but the other 5 are the ones that are being disputed...NOT DILLARDS!

    The representative gave me a fax number to her manager and told me to fax in a letter to her manager with the copies of the info I've gotten and state that I've received correspondence from CSC that has removed these accounts and they are showing back up.

    I am asking everyone here, is this what I should do? If not, what should I do? I want these accounts (specifically Dillards) off my report! Please help!

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    Hang on to all your letters and fax all copies of everything you sent including the reports reflecting the changed items. By the way what was the fax number?????????

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