Equifax verified the Judgement

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mother2, Feb 15, 2001.

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    What am I going to do. I have a Judgement on Equifax and they refuse to delete it. The other 2 CRA deleted it. I enclosed the paperwork showing that the Judgement was Dismissed but they rather report it as Satisfied.

    The furniture store who did this to me (who has also claimed BK) never showed up for court. So we never saw the Judge. The clerk told me to go home. On my credit report, the payments are listed as R1. I've been paying them on time like clockwork. The account is now paid in full.

    What should I do? I've tried to have the manager of the store vacate it but he's clueless. He says it shouldn't be on my report. Should I challenge the verification?
    Do you think I should take this to court? Or should I just wait until 1/2003 for it to drop off?
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    RE: Equifax verified the Judge

    Wait 30 days and dispute it again. I had a judgment that was dismissed, and sent paperwork from the courts stating so. TU removed it in less than two weeks--EQ took nearly a month. Many CRAs use a third-party company to verify judgments, so your dismissal may not have shown up in their database yet. You may need to contact the courts to make sure they update the dismissal in their records as well.
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    RE: Equifax verified the Judge

    How could E-Fax verify what the store coulden't?????

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