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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Apr 4, 2001.

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    A good friend of mine at work is in the middle of a very nasty divorce. She lives in a rather small town so the postman knows her well. Apparently her soon to be ex husband ordered her credit report online to be sent by mail to his address ( her former one of course) . But when the postman saw the letter addressed to HER he immediately delivered it to her new address which she has lived at for quite sometime. Well she was totally shocked to see this since SHE never ordered her report. She called Equifax and they claimed that they couldn't tell her who ordered the report and that since she got her report she must have ordered it!! I told her to call back and DEMAND to talk with a supervisor and tell them she must be given the name of who ordered her report, she has a feeling that her ex sister in law actually ordered it. Her husband admitted to ordering the report claiming he wanted to know what she owed. Equifax also tried to tell her since the person knew her personal information then it had to have been her who ordered it, she said well my husband knows this as well and asked again what was the name that appeared on the credit card or check, they refused.
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    Re: Equifax wait til you hear

    I went through the same thing except my ex had someone fill out information on my behalf. So I had an inquiry on MY report. I was told that I can probably get another ss# since I was a victim of domestic violence and now fraud. I received the paperwork but it's just soooo much you have to send and go through. I rather not re-live the whole experience again.

    So I guess I'll have to live with it until I can find out what to do next.
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    Re: Equifax wait til you hear


    Your friend should immediately:

    1. File a mail forward notice with USPS. That way all mail bearing her name would get to her current address, even if initially mailed to the husband's.

    2. Update all her creditors AND CRAs with the new address. Once the CRAs update, she must ask them to remove the old address. That way they won't send it there anymore (They only send it if consumer's address on file match the one given by her).

    3. Tell her spouse in no uncertain terms that the next time he tries to pull anything like that, she'd be pressing charges.

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    Re: Equifax wait til you hear

    Mom, I agree with Sarr 100%. Then again, I always agree with Saar. :) This is a pretty scary situation though. It really makes you think how easy it is for your former disgruntled spouse or friend (who knows your personal information) to obtain personal documents. :-0
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    Re: Equifax wait til you hear

    Unfortunately equifax has no liability in this. The fines would be against your friends husband or sisterinlaw. It is about $5K in fines for this type of fraud.


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