Equifax won't give me my Score

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Rain, Mar 25, 2001.

  1. Rain

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    I've been trying for a couple of days to purchase ScorePower, but everytime I log in to my Member page and click to purchase ANY product, I just get this message:

    "Place holder for Score Too Low page. This is displayed when users don't have a high enough score to order the product they requested before registration/login."

    WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT ABOUT? When I last applied for a loan in July 2000, my Beacon score was 627. I've had NO CHANGES in my report since then, except for the extra length of history I've accrued and the extra positive payment history. NEVER any lates, etc. I just saw my report at Equifax's site in February, that's how I know it's unchanged.

    So, since my score should be higher than the 627 from 9 months ago, or at least the same, definitely not lower, why am I getting this crazy prompt from them? Besides, no matter WHAT my score is, how can they tell me I can't even purchase it AT ALL, and I can't even purchase my credit report?!?!

    Is this just their system going buggy again? I've contacted them by email, but no response, yet. Has anyone else been unable to purchase their score or report and given this message? If so, were you able to resolve it and how did you do so?

    Like I said, I'm able to log in with my user name and password to my Member page, but it won't let me purchase ANY of my product options.

    Any insight appreciated,
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    Re: Equifax won't give me my S

    Call their 800 number on the website. I couldn't get anywhere using email either. Got a rep on the phone after about 10 minutes. He was good - took care of everything. Have your loan/CC info in front of you for ID verification. They asked me 5 or 6 questions about details on my credit. loan payments, CC limits, etc.

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